Marketing 101 – notes from the scary anthology, part 6: “Sharing Is Caring”

danI said I’d share a few marketing secrets with you as we created and released and sold and marketed – continue to market – our scary anthology. This is the next installment.

Part of networking

and helping others in a quick and easy way that ALSO helps you,

is to Like and share their posts when they talk about the book.

For example,

  1. Maribel shared a blog post and put it on Facebook.
  2. I then liked it and shared it on my Facebook page. I’d share it on my author page and maybe here, too.
  3. Then each of you can do that, all liking and sharing HER post. That gets more eyeballs on the story YOU wrote.


You go to the link in her blog post and Like it and maybe tweet the link. Maybe post it on StumbleUpon or Pinterest, but DEFINITELY make a comment of some sort.

Since she mentioned me, I simply said “Thank you for sharing this with your readers.” Another good and simple comment is, “Your work is amazing.”

Then she can comment on that, saying thank you.

If 20 people like, Tweet, Share, and reblog your blog post, as well as comment, it can get noticed by the WordPress folks and they will help promote it.

After all, they are in business to get eyeballs onto interesting stuff, so if 20 reblogs and comments happen, they’ll want to get word out to others.

If Maribel replies to each comment, that’s 40 comments. More comments = more potential WP notice.

Meanwhile, posting it on StumbleUpon helps, too. Big time, if it catches on.

Doing ALL of that takes less than 1 minute!

That’s a lot of audience reach for YOU, by sharing HER info, see?

That’s how we can all help market for free, even if we don’t have large audiences ourselves!


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