Marketing 101 – notes from the scary anthology, part 5: “Comments Matter”

danI said I’d share a few marketing secrets with you as we created and released and sold and marketed – continue to market – our scary anthology. This is the next installment.

Comments matter.

Here, on Twitter, on your FB author page, on your personal Facebook page…

When Jenifer Ruff, who is now a Facebook friend of mine, posts on her personal FB page about her kids in a swim meet, I might see it and click “Like.” I’m not a stalker, and we aren’t close friends, but she’s proud of what they are accomplishing.

But when she posts about the book doing well, I NEED TO COMMENT in a supportive, enthusiastic way.


Because ALL compliments are positive reinforcement, and OTHER people seeing MY excitement and HER excitement will get excited, too, and maybe buy a book.

Comment on the posts here, too! It’s a team effort. When you come in and see enthusiastic posts by me, that’s nice.You think Dan’s fired up.

When you see some by me and a bunch by other people, you think WOW THEY ARE ALL EXCITED AND I AM GETTING EXCITED TOO!!!

Yep. So do that.

Like I told you, this is a lot of marketing stuff you’re getting for free here. Go ahead and make notes for your next book.

Jenifer Ruff added: Not only is it nice to enhance the excitement and credibility with comments like Dan said, but any post on Facebook that gets lots of comments is regarded by FB as a post worth sharing – and the post gets circulated on MORE feeds and seen by MORE people…extra bonus!



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4 thoughts on “Marketing 101 – notes from the scary anthology, part 5: “Comments Matter”

  1. One scary consequence of the ‘The Box Under The Bed’ experience is I’m ever slowly edging towards signing up to FB! I’ve long had an irrational fear of being out there where too many people know me, but blogging and tweeting has taught me to be a little more measured than I once was, and I now no longer doubt I can write, albeit a little oddly.

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