BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Scary Anthology UPDATE: The Box Under The Bed

your humble host

Ah, we’re finally back down to one blog post per day. I can relax a little bit.


You guys know better.

While you’ve been reading profile posts about our Word Weaver Writing Contest winners,

a small group of us have been meeting secretly and discussing ways to take over the world and enslave you all!!



I mean, the contributing authors in the scary anthology, The Box Under The Bed, have been discussing stuff. That’s what I meant. Just, you know – forget all that take over the world nonsense. Ha. Really.

WHAT have we been discussing? Glad you asked.

We have now have the cover finalized, but you knew that.

The Box Under The Bed front FONT hightower w fabric 2 v TWO

We have the authors and their stories finalized. But you knew that

Table of Contents

Prologue, The Box Under The Bed part one

  1. Passion – Jenifer Ruff
  2. The Clearer – Allison Maruska
  3. The Death of Mrs. Billen – Dan Alatorre
  4. Windows of the Soul – Lucy Brazier
  5. Cassie – J. A. Allen
  6. The Next One – Allison Maruska
  7. Lovingly He Held Her Head Underwater – Juliet Nubel
  8. LabStor – T.A. Henry
  9. Cobalt Point – Anne Marie Andrus
  10. Mind Games – Heather Hackett
  11. Interlock – Barbaba Anne Helberg
  12. Hunter – Allison Maruska
  13. The Stainless Steel Coffin – Scott Skipper
  14. Repercussions – Joanne Larner
  15. Jack and Mary – Christine Valentor
  16. Genetic Aberrations – Adele Marie Park
  17. The Right Place – Curtis Bausse
  18. Fireflies – Allison Maruska
  19. Betrayal – Annette Robinson
  20. The Fateful Voyage of Patrick O’Brien – Frank Parker
  21. Destination Reached – Eric Daniel Clarke
  22. Diamond’s Promise – Allison Maruska
  23. The Last Time She Saw Her Brother – Maribel C. Pagan
  24. The Blind Tattooist – Allison Maruska
  25. Three Seconds of Grace – Anne Marie Andrus
  26. Hair Razor – Carrie Ann Alexis
  27. Mondays Are Who You Really Are – Lucy Brazier

Epilogue, The Box Under The Bed, part two

BONUS STORY: The Water Castle – Dan Alatorre

We have a prologue – unless you were in the supersecret group, you didn’t know that, and if you come back tomorrow I’ll share it with you. 

And we have a pre-order link for you!

Click HERE to order The Box Under The Bed for just $0.99 and support the hard work of your fellow authors!


What this means to you:

Yes, right now you can order the scary anthology and receive it on October 1.

You can share this link with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else to help us launch this thing to amazing heights.

SPECIAL GIFT for preordering TODAY!

For those of you who pre-order right now, you get a special bonus story from me that will not be available after the pre-order date!

That’s right, once the book comes out, the special bonus story goes away.

It’s from my upcoming novel The Water Castle, and is ONLY available to pre-order customers.

Now, why do YOU want to do all this?

Well of course because you’re awesome.

Because you’re helpful.

And also because I think we have seen collectively the dream starting to become a reality for folks on this blog.

That’s kinda magical.

What happens is, you come here to learn a little more about writing and

  • the next thing you know you make some friends
  • and then you enter a writing contest
  • and the next thing you know you’re being published.

Whether as an independent author with some guidance from me, or through my network of friends in the traditional publishing market,


No less than three of the top winners of our first two Word Weaver Writing Contests have gone on to publish their books, partly because of the recognition, support and enthusiasm for their work that they received here, in our contests. 

Gang, that’s huge.

The 1st place winner of our July contest got almost 1000 views just on this blog. That’s big stuff. Add in reblogs and shares on Facebook and twitter, and it’s easily twice that. easily.

That’s potentially 2,000 people who are now aware of her book and are interested in reading it!

– and they’ll get their chance in just a few short weeks. Her debut novel is going to be released very soon.

On this blog, your book goes from a daydream you keep on a shelf somewhere to a bright shiny object you can hold in your hand. Pretty cool.

And so to that end we are going to have another contest this year,

I think.

But in order to make that contest a success, I ask for your help and ask YOU to help us market this anthology.

  • More people reading The Box Under The Bed and helping it be a success will turn into

  • more people entering the writing contests contest and

  • making the contests bigger and bigger successes, and

  • a year from now we will be our own little American Idol, but for books!

We’ll be Book Idol or something. Anthology Idol. I don’t know.

HERE is your link for The Box Under The Bed

(Click that. Where it says “here.”)

BUY your copy right now.

Your $.99 investment today will make a world of difference in the long run, believe me.

TELL your friends to drop a buck on this thing, too.

Let’s get these writers the recognition they deserve

And let’s pave the way for dreams to come true going forward!

YOUR input, YOUR stories, YOUR comments, YOUR enthusiasm – that’s what made this possible. Friends you made right here on the blog are becoming published authors October 1 because of YOU.

Will you help?

Say YES and post below to tell me you bought your copy and what else you’ll do to help launch the creation YOU were a part of!

54 thoughts on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Scary Anthology UPDATE: The Box Under The Bed

  1. Used Press This to share this via my blog – which automatically tweets it and shares it on my FB page. Of course I’ve placed my order (confession – only yesterday). I’m looking forward to the paper back release so I can get copies for friends who don’t own e-readers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YES, of course I will help as much as possible. I still can’t believe I’m in it! I blogged about it last Friday and have been telling friends and family in the old prehistoric way, by email. My mum wants me to sign her copy (hilarious) so I’ll be needing some paperbacks too. A big pat pat pat on everyone’s back for this. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just ordered the book. Can’t wait to read it. I’m kind of a scaredy-cat, so hopefully there isn’t anything too scary. I’m more of fun or drama/fantasy kind of reader/writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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