Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest: the second of FOUR Honorable Mentions, “Sparkles In Time” by Carrie Ann Alexis

Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest

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the second of four honorable mention awards

* Honorable Mention *

Sparkles In Time

by Carrie Ann Alexis

This one’s bittersweet. I liked the flow of the story but right away I knew it wasn’t gonna be fun.

Great job with this.


This story and the other Honorable Mentions, along with a profile of each of their authors, will be featured on the blog. They are really good.

DON’T FORGET: ALL contestants not winning first, second, or third place will be put into a drawing for other prizes!

HERE are some of the AMAZING AUTHORS whose books will awarded:


Allison MaruskaProject Renovatio. Author of the runaway bestseller The Fourth Descendant, Allison Maruska offers an audio book version of her latest hitProject Renovatio.

With over 550 reviews on Amazon, The Fourth Descendant established Allison as an amazing breakout author. I read Project Renovatio. It is a brilliant, thrilling YA novel that grabs the attention of readers and holds them until the very end.



Hugh RobertsGlimpses

28 short stories that will take your mind on a rollercoaster of a ride into worlds that conceal unexpected twists and turns. You REALLY wanna win that!

dana wayne

Dana WayneMail Order Groom, Secrets of the Heart

Dana Wayne is all about the romance! Mail Order Groom is a historical western romance. Secrets of The Heart is a contemporary romance. Both are amazing!

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Curtis BaussePerfume Island, One Green Bottle

One Green Bottle, set in Provence, is the first in a series of Magali Rousseau detective stories. Perfume Island is the second book in the amazing series. You’ll love it!


T. A. HenryScripting The Truth

Any story that takes place in post-WWII Britain and has the phrase “She’ll try to do it all while trying to keep the seams on her stockings straight” has to be read. You’ll agree.


Joanne R LarnerDicken’s Diaries, Richard Liveth Yet

One reviewer called Dicken’s Diaries “a ‘diary’ with lots of amusing stories and indeed it is a cleverly written, humorous book.” Richard Liveth Yet is Richard III as you have never seen him before! Great stories from a great writer.

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Yecheilyah YsraylRenaissance: The Nora White Story

In 1922 Mississippi, Nora White has graduated high school and is college bound, but she is fascinated by the prospect of being a famous writer in The Harlem Renaissance – and decides on a change of plans. Techeilyah will amaze you with this one!

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and of course, ME

A few folks will be selected to receive a copy of Poggibonsi: an Italian misadventure,my hilarious sexy romp through Italy (definitely a hot commodity, so to speak) as a signed paperback or as an eBook. Don’t even ask me if I’ll sign the eBook. Just. Don’t.

And now, the second of four Honorable Mention winners in Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest

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* Honorable Mention *

Sparkles In Time

by Carrie Ann Alexis


“It’s time Mr. Jensen.” The nurse’s hand gently rests on my shoulder. I look up into the most caring eyes I have ever seen. How can she do this every day and still be so compassionate?


I pull myself up from my chair, as she graciously directs me, “Go down to the end of the hall, make a left and it’s the first door on the right.”


I begin my journey down the pristine hallway, brightly lit with a faint scent of disinfectant. Behind my eyes flash all kinds of memories; sparkles in time like fireworks that split the night sky. Memories of walks along the beach, the sun warming our faces, and the cool water splashing her feet. She loved the outdoors. I ‘m not sure which season she liked best, crunching leaves in the fall, walking in the first snow fall, or finding the first flower bud of spring. Being with her family had to be her favorite. It didn’t matter if it was a big holiday celebration or a lazy afternoon watching movies, she was content. And oh, how she loved our kids, how she would do anything to comfort them and keep them safe. My heart is heavy as I try to fathom how we will manage without her. I’m going to miss how she greeted me at the end of each day when I came home. I could just see the love and joy radiating from every fiber of her being. But how can I be sad when I know she had a perfect life, filled with happiness and love, she, the perfect companion. Another memory brings a smile to my face; the first day I laid eyes on her. Here it was Christmas Eve, she was introduced to me as Holly, looking adorable with a red bow. It doesn’t get any better than that. I quietly laugh to myself.


Still lost in thought, I’ve managed to find the room. I reach out to open the door. As my hand grips the door handle the cold steel jolts me from my reverie, and plunges me into reality. I know once I cross this threshold, my life will be changed forever.


I enter the room, and there I see my wife. Our eyes lock and it’s almost as if time stands still. Even though her face is blotchy from crying, she is still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her green eyes are even more vibrant, probably intensified by the red puffiness that has overtaken her lids. The absence of tears leads me to believe that she is now trying desperately to be strong. This makes me love her even more, if that is at all possible. My arms ache to hold her, so I quickly close the gap between us with two long strides. When I reach her, she collapses in my arms, all I can do is hold on tight. I strengthen her with my embrace and then I look down at where Holly is lying, her breathing a bit labored. I stroke her soft, auburn fur, “Hey girl, it will soon be over. We’ll miss you so much.”


Together my wife and I continue to rub her ears and caress her back. Whispering comforting words as the vet injects the serum that will bring her everlasting peace. Her eyes flutter closed as she takes her last breath.


That same nurse is there by our side, she escorts us into another room where we can spend a few more moments to grieve. Before she leaves she places Holly’s collar in my hand. The familiar jingle of her tags, which once symbolized vibrant life, now clanged with a hollow sound of a life gone too soon.


Holly was my wife’s Irish Setter; my gift to her one Christmas. Ten years ago, my wife was diagnosed with cancer and began chemo treatments. I knew my wife would need all the love and support she could get during this time. What better than the unconditional love of a pup? She always wanted an Irish Setter, it was the perfect gift. They became instant buddies and were inseparable. Holly knew exactly what my wife needed when she needed it. When all my wife could do was lay in bed, Holly was right there beside her. As my wife grew stronger they would go for walks. Holly was there barking to encourage her to go a little further, or tug her sleeve when she needed to stop and rest. Holly grew to be the life force in our family, always there for each one of us, with a warm nuzzle or her comforting presence. My wife is now cancer free, though the irony is not lost on me that the reason Holly was brought into our life, is the same reason she was taken out of it. I am grateful that her cancer came later, after she lived a full life and she didn’t suffer long. Still, knowing that will not erase the pain or fill the hole in our hearts. Only time will mend this void in our life with memories that sparkle so bright from a love so pure.


Your humble host.
your humble contest host

It has been my pleasure to showcase these amazing writers. Look for interviews and more on them in the upcoming weeks.

Why did it win? What spoke to me?

This was a teary-eyed read for me! It reads with nice warmth and depth, and evokes good emotions. I bet it made more than one of you teary-eyed, too.

That’s great writing.

Join me in celebrating this moment with a very talented author, Carrie Anne Alexis.

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Tomorrow, the third of our honorable mentions in the Word Weaver Writing Contest:

The Stainless Steel Coffin by Scott Skipper

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