Wondering what authors have confirmed they are contributing to the anthology? Well here they are…

See original announcement HERE of an amazingly great publishing idea YOU can take part in!

Here are just a few of the authors who have confirmed they will contribute to my anthology:


coverAllison Maruska, best-selling author whose debut novel The Fouth Descendant sold more than 20,000 copies in its first 12 months. (TFD has over 585 reviews on Amazon, too.)

Allison has written many many short stories on her blog and she’s been in contests and other things. She’s very dark at times.



Lucy Brazier, author of the wildly successful PorterGirl book series and blog. Lucy says she has a few things I need to look at. I’m thinking they are stories…


j a allen

J. A. Allen, my friend and former cohost of Writers Off Task With Friends, who boasts a massive Twitter audience and a HUGE blog following. Jenny has written a terrific short story that I was fortunate enough to read and think it will be an amazing contribution to our anthology.



And of course ME, Amazon bestselling author and all around good guy. I will be contributing a stand alone-style chapter out of an upcoming novel you haven’t seen yet. It’s… well, I’d better not tell.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

YOU could have your work published alongside these awesome authors AND benefit from being exposed to their audiences. Plus, you’ll be marketing US to your fans. Or your friends. Or your cat. (We understand not all of you have followings, but you have to start somewhere. Does your cat have an Amazon account?)

Still plenty of room on board for more!

Don’t get left out!


33 thoughts on “Wondering what authors have confirmed they are contributing to the anthology? Well here they are…

  1. I already thought of a story and was so wrapped up in thinking about it I almost got lost hiking. I took a wrong turn and didn’t realize I was going the wrong way. Luckily my GPS and a kind lady gave me directions. My dog has yet to recover.

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  2. Hi Dan,
    If you’re really accepting pieces from unpublished authors, if I can think of something scary enough to write about and if I can do it before the end of August then I’d love to join you. And if it can be any length too then that’s good for me. I’ll starting thinking…

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