How To Get More Facebook Author Page Likes

pre-scheduled vacation post

Even though I’m on vacation in Merry Olde England, I’m still thinking of you guys.

For example, you should all have a Facebook author page. It’s free and it’s easy, and since Facebook is pretty much the most popular social media in the civilized universe, if you’re only going to do one… that might be the one to do.

But here’s something you might miss out on.

If you have a book that you are about to release, you could do a post about it on your Facebook author page. Get ready! Here it comes! People who have liked the page will then see it.

Also, if you do advertisements there – and I’m not saying you should – you can direct the ads to people who have liked your author page and their friends.

Bottom line, the more people like your Facebook author page, the better.

Now here’s a sneaky way to get people to like it. Actually, it’s not sneaky, it’s fairly obvious but most of you aren’t doing it!

That is this: whenever you make a post on your Facebook author page, somebody somewhere is going to like it. You will get a notification to that effect. (This example is a paid ad but it works the same way for unpaid posts, too.)


Click on the bold notification font (above) and you will see “So-and-so liked your post along with 20 others.” Here, it says Pamela Crane and 20 others.

Then click on that, (the part ON the post where the thumbs up is) and it will tell you who they are. Jenny Allen and Allison Maruska liked your post. Or something like that.

Look at Rebecca, below.

You have either invited this person to like your Facebook author page – which should be every friend you have – and if not, it will have a little bar there telling you to invite them.

See that little rectangle next to Rebecca? It says Invite – as in, invite her to like your page. Which I did in the next image. It says “invited” and looks a little faded so you know you clicked it, I guess.

Do it!

Many many times a lot of you are posting and doing things and not following up.

Now, here’s the thing: Most of the time when you personally invite one of these people – who just liked some post you made – to like your page…

they will do it.

And then the next time you post something it will go to them… and potentially their friends.

So ads and posts about your new book become more effective since more people liked your page. (This can be an extremely effective activity to do a few weeks in advance of an ad campaign about your new book, paid or free. Just saying.)

Just by multiplication alone you’ll have more likes – but why would you miss out on easy ones like that?

I don’t know but I’m gonna assume it’s because you don’t know about it.

Well now you do. 

As your way of saying thank you, go Like my Facebook author page if you haven’t already.

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