Author Interview: 21 Questions With Yecheilyah Ysrayl

  Occasionally on the blog we will talk with one of our author friends, gaining valuable insights into their behind the scene world. Today we meet with Yecheilyah Ysrayl, an extraordinary writer and book blogger, among other things.   Join me as we delve deep – or as deep as we can in 21 Questions; notContinue reading “Author Interview: 21 Questions With Yecheilyah Ysrayl”

Flash Fiction Challenge: Opening Sentence MashUps

A brief ad before today’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Gotta pay the bills. Hey, I’m having a WRITING CONTEST this month – wanna enter? Get valuable FEEDBACK on your writing Possibly win a share of $400 in PRIZES Be the envy of your friends with MASSIVE BRAGGING RIGHTS Cool e-ribbons you can proudly display if you win CheckContinue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Opening Sentence MashUps”

Two MORE sample chapters of Poggibonsi!

Who else does this? Nobody, that’s who. You can read the first two chapters of my hilarious romantic comedy Poggibonsi, An Italian Misadventure  by clicking HERE, and then two more chapters on this page, for a total FOUR chapters. And you can get your copy of Poggibonsi NOW by clicking HERE. eBook or paperback areContinue reading “Two MORE sample chapters of Poggibonsi!”

3 Ways to “Show, Don’t Tell” Emotions In Your Story

I’m just gonna say it: You give too much away in your stories.   And with emotions, you do it most often. Why do you do that? Today we’re gonna see the old writing adage/admonishment “Show, Don’t Tell.” You hear it said a lot, but who gives examples on how to do it? Me, that’sContinue reading “3 Ways to “Show, Don’t Tell” Emotions In Your Story”

3 Tips To Be An Awesome Critique Partner

My job as your mentor and/or guide… …and/or critique partner and/or editor and/or sounding board… is to figure out the things you’ve done that make your story less perfect, point them out, and try to help you figure out ways to correct them. It’s also my job when I review my own writing. I considerContinue reading “3 Tips To Be An Awesome Critique Partner”

5 Rules For Chapter One Of Your Book

Hey, some of these tips might help with that WRITING CONTEST you are thinking about entering!   1. Start the story as late as possible 2. Have a grabber opening 3. Make the reader care, usually via the MC 4. What are the stakes? What can be gained or lost? 5. End with a cliffhangerContinue reading “5 Rules For Chapter One Of Your Book”

What Do YOU Think?

I’m interested in getting your thoughts about stuff I see and hear, quotes I read, stuff that passes as knowledge – and starting an authorey conversation. Ohhhh, this. This, this this. THIS! For my perfectionist friends: please don’t polish your book forever. Please. It’s never gonna be perfect. At some point you have to stopContinue reading “What Do YOU Think?”