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poggi - anne rochele aben
that’s right. 5 stars

The funniest, sexiest book you will read this year, and you can grab your copy for 99 cents right now. That price is going up SOON so don’t wait.


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Folks, this is the best book I’ve ever written, and you will LAUGH, CRY, SWOON… it’s amazing.

And there are a few twists you WILL NOT see coming.


Get your copy today, then buy one for a friend. You know you’re going to, and I hate to see you spend more than necessary.


“Funny, Sexy, Heartbreaking, Hilarious”

In Poggibonsi, Dan Alatorre tells a compelling and hilarious story while giving its serious and heartfelt themes fair treatment. Protagonist Mike Torino is a hard-working family man who is struggling in his marriage, and when temptation looms on a business trip in Italy, he can’t help but indulge. His winding and sometimes bumbling misadventure leads him on a journey that ends only when he discovers what is truly important to him.

Funny, sexy, and at times heartbreaking, Poggibonsi is much more than a riotous romp. It’s an exploration into what makes us human and drives us through life.

– Allison Maruska, The Fourth Descendant and Project Renovatio trilogy


“Outrageously funny”

Poggibonsi is disarmingly charming; a laugh-out-loud, bumbling romp through lust and love in central Italy. Alatorre captures the breathtaking romance of the novel’s namesake perfectly, peeling back each layer of story until all that remains is genuine, raw emotion. An outrageously funny, guilty pleasure of a read.

– J. A. Allen, Old Souls


“A well-written, imaginative treasure!”

Your “misadventures” were effectively showcased via humor. The sequence at (CAN’T TELL YOU) where Mike (ALSO CAN’T SAY) and the later sequence with (SORRY) was brilliantly inspired! Overall a well-written, imaginative treasure.

Tracy Miller


“Many will go back and read it again simply because they enjoy smiling.”

This was fun. You have something very special here. I know that your audience will love it and many will go back and read it again simply because they enjoy smiling. A most entertaining experience.

– Annette Rochelle Aben, GO YOU


“Humorous, often laugh-out-loud funny.”

Through pace and humour this story drew me in to find characters I could believe in . . . all characters memorable, even the fleeting ones. As for Sam, absolutely loved her, and Julietta, wow, a truly unforgettable character.

Eric, EDC Writing


“Had me laughing out loud”

“Very witty and it definitely had me laughing out loud a few times, especially (SORRY)’s scenes.”



Summary of “Pogibonsi: an Italian misadventure”

When family man Mike Torino lands a project in Italy, home of naked art, Valentino, and taxi-crashing yoga pants, he brings along his wife, hoping to rekindle their marriage. But romance gets derailed by head colds, constant bickering, and assaults from ankle-breaking cobblestone streets. Their daughter develops a gelato addiction. Mike’s Italian partner has a coronary. And as for amore . . . Mattie tells Mike to handle things himself—and storms back to America.

Mike is trapped. Leaving Italy will blow a promotion; staying might cost him his wife and family.

While reeling from Mattie’s frantic departure, a replacement liaison is assigned—a top-notch, beautiful young Italian woman who is instantly smitten with Mike and determined to reveal the passions of her homeland—whether he wants to see them or not! Normally immune, Mike is tempted—but is headstrong, voluptuous Julietta worth the risk?



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