Story Stuff: H Is For Humor

Pick up some great insights and writing tips as Allison goes through storytelling A-Z this month. H is for Humor – we all need more of that.

The Grinch meme still makes me laugh out loud.

Check it out!

Allison Maruska

Today’s topic is one in the series I’ve been simultaneously anticipating and dreading. Because it’s easy to execute yet hard to describe. Today is all about humor (or humour, depending on where you are in the world).

HThis blog started as a humor blog a year before I wrote anything in a novel. Click on the Funny link in the tag cloud and scroll waaaaay down to see some of those older humor posts.

So since I like writing funny blog posts, you’d think I’d frequently inject my novels with funnies – but I mostly don’t. I drop funny lines in here and there when I think they work – as in this suspenseful story could use a moment of levity. But my books wouldn’t hang out in the humor section.

Fortunately, one of my writing partners does write books that hang out there, so I’m stealing borrowing a…

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