Sample Chapters: An Angel On Her Shoulder

  As readers of this blog, you get valuable access to upcoming stories! Here are the first two chapters of my paranormal thriller An Angel On Her Shoulder (and about that cover mock up… I think the eyes are gonna go). SYNOPSIS: A series of unexplainable tragedies surround a family and their young daughter asContinue reading “Sample Chapters: An Angel On Her Shoulder”

8 Things You Must Do BEFORE Buckling Down to Write that Novel

Originally posted on J. A. Allen:
It happens all the time. People read a crappy?novel and think, hey, I can do better than that. A fraction of those people have an idea for a?plot that potential readers might find interesting—if it’s raining. And a Tuesday. Because people love reading on Tuesdays, especially if it’s less…

Flash Fiction Challenge: Favorite Swear Word

“@#$%^&*!!” Yep, that’s it. What’s your favorite swear word? (You can write it with asterisks in the middle if you need to.) Well, that’s not quite all… I also wanna know what word you hate most in the English language. Could be the same word, I guess. List them in the comments below and beContinue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Favorite Swear Word”

3 Tips For Staying Motivated (Because You Think You Suck And Are Worthless As A Writer, a.k.a You Are A Writer)

A friend of mine recently wrote a post about staying motivated. She is what she referred to as an “aspiring” author. Personally, I consider her very good author; she’s just not published yet. Quitting: The Lesson of Murden’s Lawn When my wife and I first got married, to save up money for a house weContinue reading “3 Tips For Staying Motivated (Because You Think You Suck And Are Worthless As A Writer, a.k.a You Are A Writer)”

Author Interview: 10 Questions With T.A. Henry

your humble host Occasionally on the blog we will talk with one of our author friends, gaining valuable insights into their behind the scene world. Today we meet again with the AMAZING  T. A. Henry, a terrific writer with sinister deep, dark secrets we, the writing world, simple need to know. Probably. (T. A. has bravedContinue reading “Author Interview: 10 Questions With T.A. Henry”

What Makes Something Funny?

I have written a dozen bestselling funny books, and I love watching and learning techniques from great comedians. I know funny. What makes something FUNNY? Simple. But first I have to tell people about our writing contest because time is almost up and when they read this post later they’ll be pissed. Waaaah, I missedContinue reading “What Makes Something Funny?”

Help me pick some ads!

This should only take a minute. It’s the big launch weekend for my newest book, Poggibonsi, an Italian misadventure, so I’m making some ads. Fun stuff, right? Well, you need to learn this too, so pay attention. Please scroll through these mock-ups and tell me if any strike your fancy. You can buy Poggi thisContinue reading “Help me pick some ads!”


We had a LOT of fun with this last time we did it, so it’s time to try it again. FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE! Haiku Edition What is a haiku and why do we want to write one? To stretch some new writer muscles of course! And because it’ll be fun. Probably. Or at least funny.Continue reading “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE Haiku Edition”