Been interviewed? Post the link!

have you been interviewed

Have you been interviewed in the last 12 months or so? Post the link! Consider it a chance to show off without showing off – I asked, after all.

Meanwhile, if you’ve never been interviewed, read the replies and you’ll see a lot of places to go ask for an interview, and a lot of questions and answers that will help you do a good interview!

If you’ve already done an interview, you can see a few places to go and a few answers to give.

It’s a win-win-win (cos I get a helpful blog post, too.) 

Post links to YOUR interviews, one link per reply, NO limit on replies. If you’ve done ten interviews, feel free to post ten links!

And reblog this and share it on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else so we get a bunch more places to go for some author-ey publicity!


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37 thoughts on “Been interviewed? Post the link!

  1. Thanks for this opportunity. There are always many interviews and guest posts for my fellow authors on the Scribbler. You’re always welcome to visit and meet the guest of the week and to all you fellow authors, if you would like to reach another audience, I extend an invitation to you as well.

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