What Am I Working On? Glad You Asked…

This is one hilarious book, trust me.

Poggibonsi has been written for a while and it’s been edited, so why isn’t it released?


I have a list of crutch words I need to review in it, and a couple of lines to revise.

Really? That’s it???

Hey, when did you get so crabby??? Look at this list of stuff I need to do:

  1. numbers: write out or not
  2. fix the text conversation: add beats, ch 1 sam/mike
  3. fix text conversation at end of ch 2
  4. ch 7 to 8 = chapter break/broken scene; same at 8-9
  5. lots of chapters start w dialogues


Crutch words/number of time they appear in manuscript (Poggi is over 100k)

  1. Look 415
  2. just 357
  3. smile/smiled 183
  4. went 147
  5. maybe 152
  6. glanced 67
  7. shrug 67
  8. shrugged 59
  9. nod 187
  10. nodded 170
  11. nodding 14
  12. Sniffled 21, look for variations
  13. sniffle
  14. moment 58
  15. just 356
  16. really from ch 32 on ONLY
  17. it was 283


In reality, it’s not that much stuff, and a few days ago the list was about 25% longer. But you have to take your time with it. After looking at “five-year-old” and “hundred” forty or fifty times, I started not being able to see the word Hundred as a word. It kinda got… loopy. It looked like it needed an O in there somewhere.

So you do some crutch word removal for an hour or two, and then you take a break.

In my case, the break was a year.

Ha! That sounds insane on the face of it.

What did I do during that year? I wrote two other novels and edited a few books for others, and launched a video show that made 50 episodes, and some other stuff. I also didn’t do some things. I didn’t start that writing contest. I feel bad about that. Maybe this year.

I did start a Young Author’s Club for grade school kids to learn writing techniques. That’s been fun. And I’m looking at starting one for adults, too, where you can privately post chapters of your writing each week and get feedback from me, fellow group members, and a few select mentors, with the goal of NOT beating you up like what happens in many critique groups but to get your amazing book PUBLISHED. There would be weekly group video calls where I’d discuss topics, etc. Kind of a private critique group + webinar mashup, with Allison and Jenny helping. (I haven’t told them about it yet, so Shh.) If you’d be interested in that, contact me HERE. It’s still in the formative stages so feel free to offer your ideas.

But I also took time that year to become a better writer.

I reread Poggi before I launched into Angel, and I ripped Angel apart and put it back together into a fast paced thriller. (Poggi didn’t need that. When I reread it after letting it rest, I laughed even harder at jokes I’d forgotten were in there, cried at poignant scenes, and loved the story more than when I first wrote it.)

Poggi is awesome.

Gosh, if it’s so awesome, why wait? Well there’s the rub. I like it so much maybe I was afraid if it didn’t go off like a rocket, I’d be crushed. That doesn’t sound like me, but it’s possible.

I prefer thinking I wanted to let it rest and make sure it was the best it could be.

It is.

So now we are ready to go. I’m getting beta readers together (click HERE to be one) and finishing my crutch word removal. It’ll go to betas in a few days and it’ll launch shortly thereafter. Late March or Early April (because I have to give the betas time to read and I will need a few days to incorporate their input). And when I write those words “early April” while it’s still February – it makes me feel like I’m already behind!

I’d better get back to work.

You should be a beta reader for Poggibonsi.

You’ll love it. Let me know if you want to be one – the list is filling up quick but I always have room for a friend of the blog.



8 thoughts on “What Am I Working On? Glad You Asked…

    • If you write fast and have to edit a bunch, or write slow and have to edit less, sometimes that balances out. I tend to write fast and then I have to go over it a few times. Maybe if I wrote slower I wouldn’t have that problem but I feel like I have to get the ideas down.

      Either way, if your system works, it works!


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