Four Questions To Ask Before You Hit “Publish”

Great insights from Allison about how to prepare for your first PUBLISHED work.

Allison Maruska

A friend emailed me a question. She’s written a book and is considering what to do with it.

Her question: “How do you self-publish on Amazon?”

She didn’t mean what buttons to push on KDP that makes the book go live. She meant: “What are the steps necessary to prepare a book for publication?”

I emailed her my response, and as I did so I realized my email was pretty darn close to a blog post. Ergo, I’m sharing it with you.

publishing-bottleSome may see self-publishing as an easy way to get your book into the world. It’s not easier. It’s just faster. There are some important questions to ask before hitting “Publish,” else your book will drown before it has a chance to bob once on the water’s surface.

While this post is meant primarily to those considering self-publishing, the following questions apply to ALL publishers and authors. Some publishers have…

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3 thoughts on “Four Questions To Ask Before You Hit “Publish”

  1. I’ve never had a novel published, but from all I’m reading I think I’d rather put the effort in to finding an agent/publisher than self-publish. It seems like a tremendous amount of energy that I’d rather put into finding an agent. Then again, who knows what the future may bring?

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