Book News And Other Happenings

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Things are going on, and a lot of it involves free stuff! Here’s the list of what’s covered in this post. Scroll down for details. Be a beta reader for Project Ancora Paperback giveaway of Project Liberatio Project Liberatio review on Readers’ Favorite Facebook page drawing Now for the nitty gritty. 1.…

A Lesson In Tension: Deliverance 

The 1972 movie Deliverance is a terrific lesson in TENSION.  Deliverance will be on the AMC channel January 4th at 2am eastern time (and probably other times).  This movie has some great scenes that show how to really heighten tension, it has characters who have to make “what if” decisions like in Walking Dead, andContinue reading “A Lesson In Tension: Deliverance “

How to embrace your JEALOUSY of other writers (not that you have any)

Jealousy is idiotic. Writers can often be insecure types… So they’re often jealous of the success of other writers. LEO BABAUTA from Dan: I know I am occasionally jealous of other writers Wanna know what I do about that jealousy, when I feel it? I embrace them. I try to become friends with the personContinue reading “How to embrace your JEALOUSY of other writers (not that you have any)”

You have an amazing story to tell

I believe this. I believed it long before I ever knew Mark Twain said it. I used to say, and still say: “Every one of you have an amazing story inside you.” That’s almost the same thing. It’s why we pick up a pen or pencil or computer and pound out the words, and failureContinue reading “You have an amazing story to tell”

How To Write Better Stories, OR: Harry Potter And The Blurb.

Writing the hundred words or so that adorn the back of your book – and the Ammy listing – is hard. Looking at examples of other people’s work, when applicable, is… well, it might be easy to look at their blurbs, but what can we learn from their blurbs? Aha. Glad you asked. Let’s startContinue reading “How To Write Better Stories, OR: Harry Potter And The Blurb.”

Which Harry Potter Book Or Movie Is Your Favorite?

It’s Christmas eve day here, so I’ll go easy one you while you finish that last minute gift wrapping. I’ve now read the first two Harry Potter books and seen all the movies. (I planned on reading all the books but that is allegedly a Christmas present and it’s not Christmas yet as of thisContinue reading “Which Harry Potter Book Or Movie Is Your Favorite?”