Using StumbleUpon to Drive Traffic

So this happened


We had pretty good blog traffic every day, and then we did the StumbleUpon thing – posting our blog page on SU –

and then BOOM!


Now what?

(Those seemingly little numbers on the bar chart? They were BIG numbers yesterday. Still are. They just aren’t as big as the freaking rocket launch numbers from SU.)

Yeah, it’s a lot more traffic – but what does it mean? It hasn’t turned into blog followers yet. Or book sales. Yet.

It’s traffic, according to WordPress stats. So that’s good.

I’m kind of at a loss.

Exposure is good, so I’m not complaining, but what the heck does StumbleUpon do, and why do I want them doing it?

I learned about StumbleUpon from Allison’s blog post, and she learned about it from somebody else. Now you are learning about it from me. But what are we seeing with these numbers?






28 thoughts on “Using StumbleUpon to Drive Traffic

  1. I started using it earlier this year. I learned about it from my blogging guru friend Janice at I certainly don’t have the time to babysit yet another site, but I do send a lot of posts I read there and I’m on it, lol. That’s all I know. LOL πŸ™‚

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  2. Stumble upon is just another social media site, much like clipboard. It collates articles people put on there (assigned to categories) I’ve had a few spikes from stumble, but they are usually very short lived, unlike pinterest, which continually drives traffic once it gets going.

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    • Using StumbleUpon is tricky. You have to recommend others about 10 times as often as you post your own page to them. And then it has to have quality content.

      It also takes a while to catch on, so keep at it!


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