ANOTHER Special Announcement!

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I’m so excited.

When I started writing novels, I needed lots of good input from great writers. I was able to find it, chiefly from my friends Allison Maruska and Jenny Allen. These ladies are smart and funny, but they are both terrific writers. We became Facebook friends and have spent countless hours goofing off when we should be writing. Their input on my stories has had a superbly beneficial effect.


When I wanted to do a video show on YouTube, they are the ones I wanted to do it with. And it has been a blast. Writers Off Task With Friends has opened the door for our viewers to enjoy the other side of writers, seeing the personalities not presented in books or a typical written interview.

Doing the show is a blast. So much so that we started inviting other authors and making how to videos, while discussing a possible webinar.

When you have such fun friends online, you hope to be able to get together one day and meet in person.

We did.

We picked the FWA conference as a first-time get-together for the hosts of Writers Off Task With Friends. Remember? We invited you to come meet us. Turns out, in person they are both just as engaging and hilarious as they were online.

And shy, surprisingly.



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Anyway, we went to the FWA conference with the intention of learning and schmoozing and having a good time, but my goal was always to try to become a presenter and help writers in person the way we do here on the blog and on the show. When I got home, I worked on my application, trying to find unique presentations I could do that would benefit the FWA members.

Wednesday, that dream came true for me. I was accepted as a faculty member for the 2017 FWA conference.

I immediately called and informed the committee that if they needed other great presenters, I knew some. They said sure. So I told my two most favorite writer friends to think up a good topic to present on and send in their applications. We worked on Allison’s first, hoping the committee would accept her as a presenter.

Thursday, they did.

Allison Maruska is now also presenting at the 2017 FWA Conference!

Jenny needs to hurry up and finish working on her application!

Gang, you can come meet us in sunny Florida when it’s cold where you live at the 2017 Florida Writers Association conference, it’s a great time and you’ll learn a lot, and it’s amazing how inspired you’ll be immersing yourself in a community of writers. Both Jenny and Allison wrote about that experience, and it’s worth reading.

And it’s worth coming to see us present, so come on down!


head shot
your humble host

Dan Alatorre is the author of several bestsellers and the amazingly great sci fi action thriller “The Navigators.” Click HERE to get your copy of The Navigators – FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

7 thoughts on “ANOTHER Special Announcement!

  1. What do I think … you three have a special something … shy? … I think most folk would be in your company Dan! My best to all of you and after the events of this week Jenny must be so relieved to be Canadian … almost British … like me and Lucy!

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