JOIN ME at the Florida Writer’s Conference this week!

I’ll be at the Florida Writer’s Association Conference in Altamonte Springs (near Orlando), Florida, from Thursday through Sunday October 20-23.



Jenny and Allison, my friends and cohosts of Writers Off Task With Friends, will be there, too!


JOIN US, learn writerly stuff, and have some fun. We will be available to talk to you, offer writing advice, sign autographs, let you buy us drinks, etc!

See you there!



17 thoughts on “JOIN ME at the Florida Writer’s Conference this week!

  1. Will it be recorded, audio or AV? I’m afraid that I’m too far away to attend in person (maybe my doppelganger can attend in my place, though?!). On another note, hope you all down there are safe and sound, and recovering from Matthew. Good luck; I bet it will be very informative.

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    • I don’t think they record the segments – although they should. Other places do. However, we will be doing some live shots that we will be recording for writers off task with friends!

      And if your doppelgänger wants to come along, send him. Or her. Whatever it is.

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  2. Feel free to give me some advice on crawling into the tech age. I’ve started a wordpress page. The whole thing is confusing as hell. Wait maybe it’s because I’m working on an apple. 🙂
    I’ve been staring at the first blog prompt for ten minutes. It’s clear I have nothing to say. Everytime I come up with a topic, my brain keeps saying, noooo. This is not the forum for that!

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