NEW Videos From Writers Off Task With Friends!

After a brief hiatus – talk to me about computers breaking down, I dare you – and a complete lack of scheduling coordination, we are BACK!

New, amazingly helpful writerly tips and techniques for YOU!

It may have something to do with Allison and Jenny and me all appearing together at the Florida Writer’s Association conference in 1 1/2 weeks, but somehow the train got back on the tracks and WOTWF is making new shows again.

Helpful shows – about stuff you need to know!

For those of you who missed us… actually, for those of YOU, singular – thank you. We missed you, too. Singular you. Our fan.

But these videos, while helpful, are also FUN TO WATCH!

For the rest of you, WHAT’S THE DEAL??? Video haters? Come on, these things are fun and you might learn something. (I said might. You might not.)

Can you really say you know all there is to know about creating a proper setting??? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to hear a few other authors talk about it?

Actually, I’ll give you a guarantee. You WILL learn something because even if there is no new information to be gained – and there is – you’ll learn that you already knew whatever we were talking about, which gives you the satisfaction of confirming you’re a well educated writer type. So there.

This is good stuff. Really. Probably.

You should check out these videos. I’m in them, for no other reason.

Also, come see us – me, but us – at the Florida Writer’s Association conference October 19-23 in Orlando (Altamonte Springs). More than likely the hurricane will be gone by then.

If there’s a topic you want discussed on WOTWF, let me know! And be sure to tell me what you think about the videos. Like them or not, we appreciate feedback. At least I do. If you wanna send it confidentially, use the contact me button. I can handle your harsh criticisms. Probably.

I posted 9 new videos AND

A story about a moose, PLUS some stuff about being an introvert or extrovert AND a chat about the hurricane.

I’m not saying it’s all grade A prime. I’m saying it’s short and fun and educational. Mostly.  Go to our Writers Off Task With Friends channel on YouTube to see the ones I didn’t post here, plus old ones you missed. There are lots of great interviews with authors and they also shed insight into the writerly world. Stuff you need! Probably.

Hey, we’re trying!




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