8 thoughts on “Is This Possible?

  1. I think it’s possible since everybody is the main character of their own story. I think this pertains more to having the supporting cast being more than window dressing or tools for the main cast. This kind of reminds me of the long-running animes like Naruto and Dragonball Z. The supporting characters are still given personalities, unique abilities, and backgrounds to help them act like real people.

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  2. Something to aim for, I’d say. But it’s connected to POV. In multiple POV, yes, certainly. Single POV, not so obvious, as it’s all filtered through one person’s perceptions. But the secondary characters are still the MCs in their own lives, so how they behave needs to conform to that. I try to make them as round and complex as possible, but a lot of what I know about them gets left out in successive drafts.

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  3. Yes, we humans tend to be self-centered. As I write, I think of it as putting a spin on truth. POV is key, but even with 1st person POV their narration and the dialogue between them and the other characters can show so much about other characters motives and desires.

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