Hook Your Reader (and use an outline to save time!)

Jenny, Allison and I discuss techniques to hook your reader, and whether an outline saves time – ATTENTION PANTSERS! – with author Leah Vernon (Impure)

Our in depth and insightful conversation with Leah has been spread out over the coming weeks, but you can see ALL the segments on our Writers Off Task With Friends YouTube channel.

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Then you can watch them or download them as MP4’s into your iPod and listen while you drive, shop, or vacuum the house. (I got that idea from Jenny. She said she listens as she vacuums.)

And if you’d like to come on Writers Off Task With Friends and share some wisdom you’ve gained from your writing experiences, use the Contact Me button to let me know!


3 thoughts on “Hook Your Reader (and use an outline to save time!)

  1. Richard Stark knew how to hook a reader. This is the first line of the first chapter of Firebreak:

    “When the phone rang, Parker was in the garage, killing a man.”

    Instantly wanted to know what was going on. I’ve been trying to do something similar with all of my work: throw the reader into the action right outta the gate, like Leah said.

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