Oops, I Did It Again

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your humble and apologetic host

To Andrew Hiller, Author,

Andrew, due to a computer crash (and a lack of buying a new one) I need to reschedule your appearance on Writers Off Task With Friends.

The evil machine in question started acting reeeeeeally weird Thursday, but I rebooted a few times and thought Satan had been dispossessed. Not so. The demon came back on Saturday and Sunday, so I have zero confidence we can record a show tomorrow without it going down.

Now, you might ask why I didn’t rush out and buy a new computer, especially when my wife had asked me to do that very thing just a few weeks before.

Yes. Why.
Anyway, we shopped for a new one Sunday and I just have to go to one more place to satisfy my techie wife that we looked for the very best deal everywhere, and then I’ll come home tomorrow with a shiny new computer that will probably be fully up and running after this weekend. Because when you live with a techie, you are not allowed to install Windows yourself. Or plug in the computer. Or take it out of the box. There may  be an ancient ritual involving incense, I’m not sure. I was not allowed to attend the last unboxing ceremony (when my prior computer died – AGAIN, JUST A FEW WEEKS AFTER my wife suggested I get a new one).
No, I do not suspect sabotage. I DO suspect strange noises and the screen locking up and the thing needing to reboot magically all by itself six times in a row, I DO need to consider those as signs it’s on its last legs and I need to commence shopping, or maybe even that it was time a few weeks earlier when I was complaining about how @#%^@ slow my computer was being and my wife said it was probably time for a new one because the hamster on the treadmill in this one looked tired. (He had a walker and a long grey beard. That should have raised an eyebrow.)
So, the lessons are: I will listen to my techie wife about getting new technology, and…
Um, that’s about it.
Sorry for the inconvenience. I know you were looking forward to being on the show and we were sure looking forward to chatting with you. We will get our revised schedule arranged soon and contact all the pending guests to get them all rescheduled. If there’s not another crash.
Thanks for understanding!
on behalf of Dan, Allison and Jenny
Hosts of Writers Off Task With Friends

Gang, if YOU wanna watch a few amazing episodes of Writers Off Task With Friends while you wait for us to get back on track, click HERE.

They’re awesome. Probably.

You can see interviews and funny stuff with:

Lucy Brazier

Virginia Finnie

Sharon Ward Keeble

Colleen Landry and the Goose Butt authors

Mark Richardson

Allie Potts

Elizabeth Burgess

John Darryl Winston

Rachael Richey

Daphne Kapsali

Nathan Van Coops

Leah Vernon

Aften Brook Szymanski

And much, much more! Topics like:

  • What does an author have to do to win you over?
  • How a children’s book differs from a novel
  • What’s your favorite time to write?
  • What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten on a vacation?
  • Embarrassing stories about Allison.
  • Who was most influential in keeping you on track with your writing? (Yes, you can say it was me.)
  • Some say writing is a calling. What do you think? Why do you write?
  • What would you tell a new author about subplots?
  • What kind scenes are hardest for you to write?
  • What is your most favorite place on Earth? Did you put it in a story? Why or why not?
  • What was the worst writing scene you ever did?
  • What was your worst writing experience? Best?
  • Describe a time in a story when you had to create images for the reader that you may not have experienced yourself.
  • What’s your favorite social media?
  • Which project took you farthest out of your comfort zone?
  • What’s one thing that sends you completely off the rails when you’re writing?
  • Where in the process did you create your latest story’s title? Do start with it? Do you know it before you begin? Before you end? Elsewhere?
  • Which is the more important of these two: write drunk, edit sober? (And what do they mean to you?)
  • What are the benefits of a critique group?


You’ll learn a lot and have fun in the process. Check it out!

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