Is Facebook Still Worth It For Authors?

Interesting thoughts from Allison. What do you think?

Allison Maruska

When I started blogging in 2012, creating a Facebook page linked to the blog was a natural move. Every blogger had one. I followed a few bloggers’ Facebook pages and even found new bloggers via Facebook shares.

facebook-box-1334045_1280As time went on, the powers that be tightened up the feeds, so to speak. Users don’t want to see dozens of posts from the possibly hundreds of pages they liked, Facebook said. They want to see more pics of your cousin’s baby and more vaguebooking from their friend’s niece and more conspiracy theory posts from Uncle Buster.

Another update recently happened, as described in this article. If you don’t want to click over, allow me to summarize: Facebook is further tightening the screws on Pages. That means page owners see an even smaller organic reach (followers who see page posts in their feeds) than they did before, and it was pretty dismal before.

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5 thoughts on “Is Facebook Still Worth It For Authors?

  1. Hi Dan, thanks for sharing Allison’s post. I think it’s good to let writers know about the experiences authors have had with different forms of social media. In the early days, I got hung up on what the “experts” say you have to do to get your writing/book out there. Here is the comment I put on Allison’s post:

    “When I was writing my memoir, Secrets in Big Sky Country, I bought into “You MUST have a FB author page!” Over three years, I posted, wrote about writing, and connected my WP posts to the page. I found that unless I paid for the ‘Promote this Post’ ads, I got no followers, and then, there was virtually no interaction between me and followers. Right before my book came out, I merged my FB Page with my personal page (deleted the Author Page) and it’s been wonderful. I have lots of interaction with “friends” and my book gets the exposure I desire. The FB author page is a fluke, in my opinion. I see most of the authors I know doing the same thing and they, too, say they see a real difference.”

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    • I don’t disagree. I went the other way. Before I had an author page, all my fans became friends on my personal page. That was not a big deal except they were seeing a lot of personal stuff about my family they didn’t necessarily need to see. So when I created the page I started sending them in that direction. Now I’m inclined to think like you, and just make it one and be done with it.


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