A Signed Paperback Giveaway – Eventually

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just checking to see if you’re paying attention

As soon as I get this @#%^&!! paperback formatted, I’m going to host a GoodReads giveaway for some signed copies – and you are all welcome to enter!

Actually, formatting a paperback is pretty simple. (I’ve done it a few times before.)

THIS time, I tried to get fancy and messed up. I went with a smaller size but used the larger template – oops. I tried to add cute headers that would have my name on one side and the title on the other – and I messed them up. And my page numbers kept disappearing.

Oh, and don’t even get me started about ghost pages. They haunt me still. But I got rid of them. Eventually. (Thank you, Allison!)



The paperback in question, pictured at right: The Navigators

$2.99, FREE with Kindle Unlimited


Yes, I know many of you already know that.

Some of my blog readers are new. This ad is for them.

Then you know how it goes from there. Whenever I tried to fix something, I created another mistake somewhere else.

Oh, and I finally realized my margins were wrong! Not sure how that happened.

All of which isn’t to say formatting paperbacks is hard. It isn’t! I just kinda tried too many new tricks at once. But the result is well worth it. The paperback rocks. So, stay tuned for that GoodReads signed paperback promotion. I hope you win.

But that made me think…

This is a promotion I thought up. Maybe I should ask you guys what kind of stuff YOU like.


What kind promotions have you participated in or heard of as a READER reader that you enjoyed?

Or as an author, what was successful?

Let me know what stuff you like! Maybe I can do them!





21 thoughts on “A Signed Paperback Giveaway – Eventually

  1. Oh my! I just also promoted/published my book and the formatting went wrong. When the actual fact is, formatting is easy. I have all version of formatting and used the Acrobat Reader, of which I think, was the mistake in the first place.

    The paragraph did not break as it should be, but the Chapters are in place. So, I just fixed it again with dox formatting. Hope it is okay now. Geezzz … it is kind of annoying, isn’t it? A small mistake can ruin the whole thing. How good that KDP had made it easier for us to fix it in time.

    I’ll go and check you book then, Dan!
    And congrats!

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