Writers Off Task With Friends, Show 27: Should You Try To Write While On Vacation?

Good question.

Bet you’ve tried.

Dan takes a break from his beach vacation to discuss with Allison whether writers should write during a vacation.

This Week’s Topics Include: 

  1. “Should you write while on vacation?”
  2. Will you have free time or should that time be spent with family?
  3. Or is there a way to do both – and even then, should you?

Because you are relaxed and you usually have chunks of free time, you can get good ideas when you’re out of your normal element. For example, I wrote a terrific sword fight scene for The Water Castle last year in while on vacation. An action scene, and I really like how it turned out.


Is that what a vacation is FOR?

Yes, it’s a bit silly. That’s the point. But it’s also insightful and fun. That’s also the point. 

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2 thoughts on “Writers Off Task With Friends, Show 27: Should You Try To Write While On Vacation?

  1. I think you should write on vacation if it doesn’t feel like work. Otherwise you’re sorta defeating the purpose of the vacation dealio. But if you’re inspired and energetic about it – get that down on paper STAT before it peels off and flakes away like last weekend’s sunburn. (OK gross but you’ll remember that one.) haha

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