Five Authors You Need To Meet Right Now

I agree – almost.

(There’s a 6th one you should meet, too – the author of the post.)

I have read or met via internet each of these authors, and Allison is correct. They are unique in their storytelling talents. Get to know their work (all SIX of them). You’ll be glad you did.

Allison Maruska

diary-968603_1280If you’re an author and spend much time interacting on social media, you’ll come to know other authors. They become your coworkers. Your supporters. Your tribe. And I happen to have an awesome tribe.

The nice thing about forming an author tribe is you get to read each other’s work, help each other make it the best it can be, and then tell others (as in, potential readers) what’s awesome about it. This can happen in the form of author endorsements – those bits of advance praise in the front matter (and back cover) of the book.

In this post, I’m showcasing the five authors who were kind enough to read Project Liberatio and write endorsements for it. The amazing thing is this isn’t even my whole tribe. I got the idea to do this an hour ago, so I’ll do other showcase posts at different times to get…

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