Writers Off Task With Friends show 22 Rachael Ritchey (The Beauty Thief, Captive Hope)

Rachael Ritchey, author of The Beauty Thief and Captive Hope joins Jenny, Dan and Allison for a funny and lively discussion of her book and her writing process.

A lighthearted person, the funny, upbeat Rachael Ritchey writes YA princess fantasy stories. She has two novels out so far. In our prior blog interview, she mentioned that the strangest place she got a great story idea was on the couch texting with her mom about her grandma leaking brain fluid out her nose.

This week’s topics include

  • Idaho and Alaska, how they influence your writing or do they?
  • Why does a blog cut years off your learning curve as a new author.
  • Is juggling the plot of each book difficult while considering the the overall arc of your stories, or easier?
  • Where did you get the idea for formatting your stories?
  • Why are so many authors seen as shy, and are you seen that way? How do others usually see you?
  • Best thing about being an indie author? Worst thing?
  • As an indie, edit yourself or use an editor?
  • What social media are you on and which is the best (as opposed to which you like most)


(Some of that is important for writers to know.)

We enjoyed having Rachael as our guest, and if you’d like to appear on WoTwF or would like to send us some questions you’d like to see authors address, Contact Me using the Contact Me button, above!

Yes, it’s a bit silly. That’s the point. But it’s also insightful and fun. That’s also the point. 

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