Normally I’d have a Sunday blog post. 

Hmm. I must be going on vacation to the beach tomorrow. Seems I forgot all about posting today.  Maybe I’ll post tomorrow.  Maybe not.  Oh, but The Navigators goes on sale for 99 cents tomorrow in a Kindle countdown deal. Gift it to a friend and look like a hero – they won’t know youContinue reading “Normally I’d have a Sunday blog post. “

Crazy Train/Soul Mates: How Much TIME Do We Have To Write Our Stories? And how long are they? And…

I got asked how long I thought each story should be and how much time each writer would have to write their segments. Good question. I typically consider a chapter to be about 3000 words. If you can make your point in 1500 words, God bless you. I am too verbose for that. However, theContinue reading “Crazy Train/Soul Mates: How Much TIME Do We Have To Write Our Stories? And how long are they? And…”

A Question You NEED To Answer

Aliens are about to vaporize the earth (not all of it, mind you, let’s just say extremely large bits) and you happen to have a time capsule that can withstand their death rays. What are the five items you stick in there for the future remnant of civilization to dig up a hundred years later?Continue reading “A Question You NEED To Answer”

Crazy Train/Soul Mates: Rules Of Engagement

  I got an email from one of our co-conspirators who wanted to know about writing styles and start dates, expectations for completion… Hmm. Okay, I should probably address that stuff. First off: style/voice Using the “fat outline” and the brief story segments I wrote, you should have an idea of the style and voiceContinue reading “Crazy Train/Soul Mates: Rules Of Engagement”

Writers Off Task With Friends, Show 23: author Daphne Kapsali

Some people are just FUNNY. I like to think I am, but Daphne Kapsali is. Author of a terrific blog and three brilliant books, among them the acclaimed 100 Days Of Solitude, Daphne stops by for a laugh-filled afternoon (“ahftahnewn”) with the gang on WoTwF. You’re gonna love this one! And you may learn something,Continue reading “Writers Off Task With Friends, Show 23: author Daphne Kapsali”

Crazy Train/Soul Mates – The “Fat Outline”

What I call a fat outline is basically the bullet points of the story (a regular outline) with some details added on. (See me concoct this insane awesome idea HERE and HERE and oh yeah HERE) The story I have in mind for our “Soul Mates” project is similar to James Michener’s Centennial in that it covers a fewContinue reading “Crazy Train/Soul Mates – The “Fat Outline””

Book Release News: Project Liberatio

Originally posted on Allison Maruska:
The beta feedback is in, advanced reviews are arriving, and Project Liberatio is ready to roll on August 3rd! And because new book releases are over-the-top exciting, there are some way cool things happening! From now until release day, you can pre-order Project Liberatio for $0.99 (Click HERE to order). On the…

Profile: Cindy Dorminy, author of Tuned Into You

My friend Cindy Dorminy pops in to spend a few minutes letting me pimp her new book Tuned Into You. Cindy allegedly grew up on a steady diet of popcorn (the kind you pop in a “sauce pan”??? what’s that?), Tab (supposedly a pre-Diet Coke beverage), and movies for teenagers. Quirky dialogue – which IContinue reading “Profile: Cindy Dorminy, author of Tuned Into You”