Interview of Dan Alatorre – by Jenny Allen and Allison Maruska



PREORDER international bestselling author Dan Alatorre’s amazing sci-fi thriller The Navigators today for just $0.99. The price increases on its release date July 1 to $2.99. Click HERE and order NOW!



You’ve been waiting for this!

My co-hosts Allison and Jenny hijack the show and turn the tables, interviewing ME in a funny, insightful session. And oh yeah, I have a new book releasing tomorrow! We probably talk about that a little.

Author Dan Alatorre discusses his new novel The Navigators, plus his style and techniques for making compelling stories with interesting characters.

An interesting and insightful interview full of tips on how to write better books.


4 thoughts on “Interview of Dan Alatorre – by Jenny Allen and Allison Maruska

  1. Best interview ever! Loved the interaction and the energy. I’ve already preordered The Navigators, now I can’t wait to get my hands on it and read it. I think my 14-year-old daughter, Marquette is going to love it. She’s mesmerized by the time travel story and a spin on it would be just what the doctor ordered. Dan seems to have put his heart and soul into this one as he undoubtedly does with all things. Snapping dialogue? twists and turns? Great character development? I’m all in.

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    • Your daughter will love it. I take the time to invent a whole new theory of time travel called blip theory, but I attribute it to one of the characters. Curious minds will enjoy the way the characters have to figure everything out about the machine, like how it works and how to set destinations. You are right there with the characters figuring it all out and when it clicks with them it clicks with you. It’s very exciting and interesting.


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