Guess What YOU Can Now Preorder?

Each day this week we’ll be showing segments of a book launch.

Music to my ears.

“Congratulations! Your book “The Navigators” is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store.”

TheNavigatorsFinalYep, my critically acclaimed novel The Navigators is now available for preorder. Click HERE to preorder the best book you’ll read by me so far this year.

Read a sample chapter HERE

Yeah? So?

So folks who preorder now can get Navs for just 99 cents until July 1. ON RELEASE DAY the price goes to $2.99 and we expect the final price will be $5.99 within 30 days.



Were you a beta reader? This will be your chance to publish your reviews. You can buy the book on preorder so you can enjoy it again and again on your Kindle (thank you) but you can post your honest review on July 1 with or without buying.

Your good review will help send The Navigators into the stratosphere.

But wait, there’s more.

Dan’s Divas

Wanna be one of Dan’s Divas? Even if you’re a guy? (Maybe Dan’s Dudes for them, then. Didn’t really think that one through.)

A book proper launch is the way to help a new novel achieve and maintain its ranks among the top tiers of Amazon. YOU can help do that!

  • If you have a blog, write a post about the book
  • REBLOG this post and make a nice comment!
  • If you want to have me as an interview guest, let me now using the Contact Me button
  • Can you get the word out by posting this link on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest to your friends? All of that helps TONS.
  • and THEN what?

Well, if you can guide 10 of your friends to preorder The Navigators, I will personally sign a paperback copy of The Navigators and send it to you (when they become available in about 30 days). Simply email me each time a friend says they’re gonna preorder The Navigators and let me know who they are as they tell you yes. They’re your friends; just have them tell you they did it. I’ll be able to check from my end.

Also, ALL members of Dan’s Divas and Dudes will be entered in a free drawing to receive a signed copy of the paperback version of The Navigators, so if you don’t get ten friends to preorder, you’ll still have a chance to win a signed paperback. Betas, you are automatically entered.


when you post a review on Amazon, you’ll have my eternal gratitude and be first in line to receive the beta version of my next book, Poggibonsi, an Italian misadventure, currently in its final edits before being beta ready, and said by my Navs editor (you know that’s Allison, right?) to be my funniest book yet. I think she’s right, too.

So, we have a LOT of work to do, gang, and not a lot of time to do it, but that’s what makes it EXCITING!!!


I’ll have a LOT more fun stuff for you to do this week to get the ball rolling.

A good launch makes for great book stats, and we want to debut at NUMBER ONE and join the long list of bestsellers in the family. The Navigators is without a doubt my best book to date. (The betas loved it.) Your friends will agree.

And WHY do you want to do any of this?

  • Because if this blog gives you ANY benefit at all, 99 cents and a few kind words is a nice way to say thank you.
  • Also because you will need help on your launch, and we are ALL about that here.

Okay, I need to sit down and catch my breath.

Oh and I’ll have some kind of Rafflecopter thing soon. Have you done that? I don’t know how part works but I hear it’s great. If you know, drop me a line on what’s good to do.


head shot 2
Happy, happy me.

The Navigators is ready to be born unto the world. YOU played a big role in that! YOU helped choose the cover (and not just what color my name should be). YOU helped craft the tricky wording in the chapters (remember the t-shirt tying debacle?). YOU figured out what to say in the blurb (oh the blurbs. HOW MANY WERE THERE???

Now is the chance to see OUR teamwork become a shooting star.

Number One, here we come!

14 thoughts on “Guess What YOU Can Now Preorder?

  1. You know, this isn’t a YA novel but I really think your late teen males would enjoy this, too. So if you have kids who need to unplug…you could totally shove this on a kindle in their hands. I guess that’s not technically unplugged, but….

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