Be A Beta Reader For Project Liberatio!

Here’s your big chance to have some more fun!

Allison Maruska

It’s true! By Monday (that’s 3 days from now), my upcoming novel, Project Liberatio, will be ready for beta readers. And for the first time, I’m expanding the pool of betas to include blog readers (that’s you!).

But what does a beta reader do?

Rather than explain it in my own words, I hopped over to Dan’s blog and stole his explanation, because he did a pretty darned good job.

What’s a beta reader?

Well, it’s kind of a big deal. You get to read the whole book before everybody else and then tell me what you think. Also, you get to be one of the first people to post an honest review on Amazon.

I did a few posts on being a beta, so you can read more if you click HERE to learn more, but basically you’ll…

  1. Read the finished story.
  2. Give the author (me) feedback by email
  3. Post…

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What do YOU think? Let me hear from ya.

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