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Yet another method to get you a great-sounding synopsis! Enjoy! – Dan

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Rather than write an abridged version of each of your chapters, start with a basic framework and build outward. I try to write one sentence for each of these story beats.



Who is the hero, what’s their lot in life, what’s their drive, and what makes them sympathetic?

What breaks their routine? What goal does that leave them with?

Who or what is in the way of their goal?

What’s the situation surrounding the events? What’s the setting, and the time period?



What’s the hero’s point of no return?

What is the hero’s quest teaching them? How are they starting to change?

How do their alliances shift?

What’s the hero’s lowest moment? Have they learned their lesson? Do they get their goal only to realize they wanted something else all along?



What’s at stake when the hero nears the climatic confrontation? How do they use their new knowledge to resolve it?

What’s the resolution? Does it set another story up?


Your story will have more to it than this, but you should focus on this barebones structure if you want to fit it all on one page. It’s possible to be accurate while omitting your favorite part. This is no place to include quotes, editorial commentary, or flowery description.

If you’re posting a synopsis on Amazon, treat it like a trailer. Give the audience enough information to make them curious about how it ends. You can make vague allusions to everything that happens beyond the midpoint. If you’re submitting your story to agents and publishers then you should include spoilers.

Wow, you guys ROCK! The Navigators is already on its way to being my most preordered book!

Really! After just a few hours, The Navigators is on its way to breaking my existing preorder record.

That’s… humbling. You guys are the best.

We aren’t there yet, and 4th of July weekend is a notoriously bad weekend to launch a book (what WAS I thinking???), but with your help The Navigators will be my biggest book ever.


THANK YOU, you guys. Seriously. This is already amazing, to see your help and support. You guys are the best.

Should You Do A Book Trailer?

I’ve done a few book trailers – they all pretty much sucked (damn, you, Fiverr!) – but now that I do a video show and can edit my own videos, I may have to rethink the idea.

To learn more about book trailers, click HERE

or to get the wisdom about videos and how to do them correctly from the insightful Lucy Brazier, author of Secret Diary Of PorterGirl, who has done quite a few good videos, click HERE

Video is king, right? Allegedly? I’m not so sure book trailers aren’t anything more than expensive vanity projects.


I remember seeing an old black and white Alfred Hitchcock trailer for Psycho few years back, and I was genuinely intrigued by Hitch’s presence. He narrated the whole thing. It’s awesome seeing your movie director, or in this case it’d be the author of the book, telling you about certain key scenes or their favorite parts. And maybe I could get a few friends to say some nice words on camera, who knows? But apparently Hitchcock was unique in his delivery, because almost nobody had done a movie trailer this way before – or since.

If I do a book trailer for The Navigators, that’s what I’m gonna do.

At a little past the the 2:00 mark, when he talks about how the body fell and twisted – and can’t finish! I think that hooked me there (and probably a lot of other viewers). That’s awesome, to have thought of that. Kinda reminds me of me.

What do you think? Have you done a book trailer or seen one worthy of emulation? Post the link below!

(Have you noticed how often I mention Lucy’s book and post the link? See what happens when you do a guest blog?)

Be A Beta Reader For Project Liberatio!

Here’s your big chance to have some more fun!

Allison Maruska

It’s true! By Monday (that’s 3 days from now), my upcoming novel, Project Liberatio, will be ready for beta readers. And for the first time, I’m expanding the pool of betas to include blog readers (that’s you!).

But what does a beta reader do?

Rather than explain it in my own words, I hopped over to Dan’s blog and stole his explanation, because he did a pretty darned good job.

What’s a beta reader?

Well, it’s kind of a big deal. You get to read the whole book before everybody else and then tell me what you think. Also, you get to be one of the first people to post an honest review on Amazon.

I did a few posts on being a beta, so you can read more if you click HERE to learn more, but basically you’ll…

  1. Read the finished story.
  2. Give the author (me) feedback by email
  3. Post…

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Navigators FINAL Cover – Thanks for YOUR input!!

Based on your input, HERE is the redone cover!

The original was pretty cool, but the name was slightly hard to read. This one is cleaner and based on your feedback, this is the way to go! THANK YOU!

Cool, huh?

Here’s the original. (Only the font and color for my name changed.)


A small difference, to be sure, but it was all of YOU who called it to my attention – and the fans are never wrong.

Cross your fingers as we head to the finish line. This sucker gets ready to publish in  just a few days!