After much angst and grinding of teeth, WE HAVE ARRIVED AT A LOGO FOR OUR WRITING CONTEST!!!

I’m so happy. Look at all these cool ideas we received. You guys rock.

First was my original thoughts…

word weaver 1

Which, you know, it was okay but it had too much vine and not enough oomph, you know? No pizzazz.

Then came this one

word weaver 2

Which, I think pretty much everyone hated. But the good news was, THAT got people to work. Then we got this

word weaver anon

Isn’t that cute?

Then we had a discussion about the vine, and losing the rose, and adding a different flower. (There are ย LOT of anti rose people out there. Who knew!)

Then this came along…


Isn’t that pretty? And I said, hey I like that flower. Let’s stick that sucker in there like a hyphen between the words Word and Weaver.

Then this happened

columbine flower 1

And somebody suggested the vine be more tendril-ey

And then LOOK what happened!

Word Weaver logi FINAL - Twitter size

Look at that!

Do you love it?


The original idea of the vine and the flower and simple but still unique… THIS is why I can’t do book covers, folks. I have NO eye for this stuff.

This artist, however, does. My friend Allison stepped in and said – with a sigh no doubt – here, I’ll help you. (I think that black logo got to everybody.) I told her what I liked about every idea that I’d received, and she melded them into this.

Apparently that scrapbooking thing really works.

So now we have a name, and we have a logo. We have the prize money amounts figured out, and if there’s anything left over, we have a charity to send a check to.

What’s next?

A date? Probably a good idea. I’ll need your help there. How about the contest runs the month of June and we announce a winner in July? ย Announce the contest late May/early June, have it run the month of June, and announce the winner 4th of July weekend? Is that too much too fast? I think 30 days is good. Maybe it’s not enough time to decide a winner but I’m sure we can manage. Hopefully people will be sending in their submissions all month long and not just at the end. But we’ll see.


That’s the stuff I’ll need help with. And of course, what the topic is and length, but I’ll handle that part. So nobody will have an advantage before it starts. Regular readers of this blog will know what to do, I think.


You guys have been so helpful in getting me ideas and suggestions. We’re just getting started, though! Your help will be needed in launching this sucker, as well as entering and showing of your amazing talents, reblogging to your friends and readers, and on and on!!

Can you tell I’m excited? I am. And it’s all thanks to you guys. So let me say THANK YOU again, and now let’s put some brain work into making the rest of this thing as good as the logo and name.

You guys ROCK.

Give me your thoughts!



36 thoughts on “Ta DAAAAHHH!!!

    • Me, too!

      There’s a lot of work ahead but like everything else, once you get over the learning curve, it all becomes pretty easy. I think this is going be a lot of fun and everybody is really going to enjoy it.

      Glad you’re looking forward to it!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love it too. The flower reminds me of a morning glory bush my mom had outside our house when I was a little girl. The contest sounds like it’s coming along as well. Very exciting

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As a new blogger, I have never entered into a writing contest before, so this looks like a good place to start. I like the fact that you took so much input from your reading community. It will increase participation with all of the anticipation. (Sorry about that. I couldn’t help myself!),

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whimsical and classy – I LIKE that. She did a great job with the vine, getting it weaved (woven ?) in there. We had SO much good input we were able to incorporate, and I really love how it turned out.

      Now on to the real work of the contest!


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