What Is A Hero? (Alternate title: Why Are People Assholes?)

Last weekend, I went to the city that is known for being the highest tourist attraction city in the world. We went to two of the world’s most popular theme parks. I won’t name them because the parks themselves are irrelevant. (One is Magical and the other is Sea themed, okay?) It’s the people weContinue reading “What Is A Hero? (Alternate title: Why Are People Assholes?)”

20 Helpful Search Strings for Finding Special Characters in Word

  Guess what I’m doing? When you get your manuscript ready for press, you need to remove any crazy little characters that somehow got into it – so they don’t f*ck up your eBook formatting, causing, I don’t know, extra pages in the middle of a sentence or something. The paperback review is even moreContinue reading “20 Helpful Search Strings for Finding Special Characters in Word”

Early Praise For The Navigators

As the beta readers work their way through my book, we are getting some really good reports! (Wanna be a beta? There’s still time. Click HERE.) The Navigators is thrilling as h*ll. “Didn’t think I would enjoy this book as much as I do, since I’m in for fantasy 9 out of 10. But TheContinue reading “Early Praise For The Navigators”