Project Renovatio: An Interview With Bestselling Author Allison Maruska


I sit down with Allison and discuss author-ey stuff. Be sure to watch the part where she talks about how writing changed her life.

And I mean

Changed. Her. Life.

Higher tax bracket, quit her job, bestseller  better life.

All because she followed her writing dream.


This is almost our full length talk. I’ll edit this down to the main points and trim away the parts where she or I go on too long, and it’ll knock off 10-15 minutes. Then we’ll have a good “long format” interview from which I’ll create 2-3 nice clips of about a minute each. The clips will give a taste, and if you want the whole experience, you watch the longer interview.

Are YOU brave enough to do something like this?

Publish the book that’s inside you or go on the internet and talk about your story and yourself?

I think so.

Watch the video and give me your thoughts.

15 thoughts on “Project Renovatio: An Interview With Bestselling Author Allison Maruska

    • Well she and I have been doing a video show for a few weeks now but you nailed it. You want to relax. So what we do is, we BS for a few minutes before we start recording. That gives everybody a chance to get their jitters out. Then, when the interview starts, the first few questions are usually still kind of nervous so once you’re into it for a few minutes you tend to relax. Mostly it’s just going in with the idea of having fun. But I still have a lot to learn about interviewing people.


What do YOU think? Let me hear from ya.

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