Looky What I Got For YOU!

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Your humble host

Oh, gang. Are you gonna LOVE this.

I totally went to bat for you. (Cos I love you guys. But you knew that.) And I totally procured a sweet deal for you that nobody else gets.

Our good friend Allison’s book Project Renovatio is now on preorder over at Ammy, and she and I were talking, and I may have mentioned – as I do- that hey, we should give a special deal to my blog readers. They deserve it, and they’re tired of reading about me trying shirts around my waist.

And well, long story short, she agreed!

What you don’t know is, I read this book and it’s a terrific story. It grabbed me on page one and never let go.

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Author Allison Maruska

It’s a fast-paced story you’ll love. I did.

So much that I put a testimonial in the book for her.

I rarely do that, as you know.

Check out the blurb and the sample chapter below, then get your pre-order AND you gift, and then be sure to send a nice review to Ammy on each. (Limited time. You MUST preorder today 4/4/2016 or tomorrow 4/5/2016 to get your free gift! Hurry!!)
PROJECT RENOVATIO is coming out on the 12th and it’s $0.99 til then. Grab your copy HERE: http://geni.us/3Ur5

Now, here’s your sweet deal, gang:

As a bonus for readers of this blog, if you pre-order Project Renovatio, Allison will send you a code to download her other YA novel, Drake and the Fliers, for FREE. Send her a message via her Contact Me page:http://allisonmaruska.com/contact-me/) and Allison will send the gift code via Amazon.

Here’s the blurb for Project Renovatio:

Levin Davis has it made. At 20, he’s a college graduate with a dream job, a beautiful girlfriend, and a life that can only get better – until he receives a mysterious letter suggesting his long-dead father is alive and hiding an extraordinary secret.

Distraught, Levin meets the letter’s author, who could pass for his twin. The stranger claims to be part of a genetically engineered race designed to survive global catastrophes and rebuild society, and he insists Levin and his sisters are as well.

Despite his disbelief, Levin uncovers not only the bizarre truth of his existence but also Project Renovatio’s ominous purpose – to secure genetic superiority, the new race must live according to harsh demands or risk severe penalties inflicted on their loved ones. If Levin hopes to protect his family and live a free life, he must escape Project Renovatio – or rise above himself to fight them.

Click HEREhttp://allisonmaruska.com/2016/03/31/book-release-news-project-renovatio-coming-april-12th/) to read the first chapter of Project Renovatio



I’m very excited about this book. It’s practically a tutorial on fast paced stories and great storytelling by a bestselling author. You can’t beat that.

TWO great books for .99 cents. Christmas just came early. You’re welcome.

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Your humble host

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  1. Reblogged this on J. A. Allen and commented:
    Allison Maruska is one of the most talented authors I know. She’s also a cohost on our fledgling web series, Writers Off Task with Friends. Her new book is gripping, fast paced, and incredibly imaginative. It’s an absolute pleasure to share this offer with you.
    Get your pre-orders in now!

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