20 Questions (kinda sorta) With Author Joleene Naylor

It’s kinda sorta because it’s only 14 questions, but I think 20 Questions With So And So sounds better than 14 Questions With So And So. Actually, now that I’ve written that out, it doesn’t. But I’m not changing it. Joleene is a friend of the blog and a very creative person – as you’llContinue reading “20 Questions (kinda sorta) With Author Joleene Naylor”

20 Questions (almost) With Author D. M. Miller

From time to time we feature other authors here on the blog besides me. Today and tomorrow I’m featuring two friends (DM Miller today, Jolene Naylor tomorrow), who are both interesting and who both OUGHT to come on the video show (no pressure) but who also both shed some light on authoring from their own uniqueContinue reading “20 Questions (almost) With Author D. M. Miller”

Social Media For Authors, part 2

Last week, I talked a little about social media (HERE), and in the comments/replies, I mentioned how I drive crazy amounts of traffic to my blog using my secret method on Twitter. It’s not really a secret. If you follow me on Twitter (my handle is Dan Alatorre AUTHOR @savvystories) you’d see me do it. Which isContinue reading “Social Media For Authors, part 2”

Flash Fiction Challenge: Kiss Me

That’s it. Write a kiss. Any kiss. Could be a long, lingering, delicate kiss between forbidden lovers, stealing a precious moment they’ve both longed for… Could be a sad kiss goodbye… A mother playfully kissing her child as she puts her to bed… A husband tearfully kissing his wife as he closes her casket… CouldContinue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Kiss Me”

“Quite Possibly The Best Author-Based Interview/Quiz Show On The Internet!” – Me

But I may be biased. Why don’t YOU have a look at this week’s show and tell me what you think? Check out all our hilarious shows on our Writers Off Task With Friends YouTube channel. Your input last time was very valuable to us. We listened to your suggestions and made changes to makeContinue reading ““Quite Possibly The Best Author-Based Interview/Quiz Show On The Internet!” – Me”