Is There Room In Publishing For Original Stories?

I have definite thoughts about this, but first give me yours. (Here or on Allison’s blog.)

Allison Maruska

I saw this video on Facebook. It’s amazing, so watch it.

If you scrolled without watching, allow me to summarize: many popular songs were written using the same four-chord progression. These guys crammed thirty-six (or so, I lost count) song snippets into five minutes without changing the four-chord structure. The transitions are seamless. They cross genres, including the Canadian national anthem and opera, among many pop hits. And there’s a kazoo.

Seriously. You should watch it. Because funny.

Anyway, it got me thinking about book writing and publishing. I’m not sure why but here we are. Maybe I’ll break out a kazoo for consistency.

The heart of the video is originality, or rather the lack of it. The singers/comedians suggest that if you want to write a hit song, all you have to do is follow a formula. Give the people what they think they want, even if it’s the same as…

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5 thoughts on “Is There Room In Publishing For Original Stories?

  1. I have metered internet access and therefore have to prioritize where I spend my time. Videos, webcasts etc. are consequently out. Nevertheless, I follow the gist of what is being discussed here. We have to acknowledge the truth of what is being said above; i.e. many, some without really being aware, automatically go for ‘formulated’. However, there are also many who look for and enjoy original work. Without hesitation I say THERE IS ROOM FOR ORIGINALITY. The problem for us though is how to gain attention. This, as far as I can make out from comments and discussions, is a problem for most whether producing ‘formulated’, ‘original’, ‘good’, or ‘poor’ work.

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