We Have Some Great Stuff Coming Up For You. Probably.

head shot
Your humble host


Oh, gang – how busy I’ve been.


First, Jenny wrote a pretty amazing blog post the other day, so if I remember I’ll reblog it, so check that out and please reblog it, all of you. I’ll be watching. Rarely does a writer evolve so quickly, and as predicted, Jenny’s journey is about to get a whole lot more interesting. I can’t say too much but stay tuned and be ready to be impressed. If you’ve been following her blog, it’s been a display of the ups and downs of writing that first book, and, well, let’s just say I think you’ll be happy later if you’ve been reading it.

(Allison wrote an insightful blog about book covers, but I already reblogged that. If you didn’t read it, do so soon. And, Kristina Stanley’s new book is free for a limited time, so you’ll wanna grab that. It’s a thrill ride, trust me. She’s a good writer.)

Next, the video author chat thing is in pre-production. That means we’re doing the Thomas Edison thing of seeing 999 ways an author-driven video show doesn’t work.

Writers Off Task With Friends
Coming soon. Probably.

I’m fortunate to have two amazing and smart (and very patient) co-hosts who are giving me time to figure out what I’m doing, but as soon as we get it down to a non-embarrassing state, we’ll be looking for guests (that means YOU) to have on the show and interviews and horseback riding and, well, who knows. Probably not horseback riding, but GO BRONCOS was kind of a thing yesterday. I guess it’s stuck in my head now. I don’t mind. I became a Broncos fan during yesterday’s test show. April 29 update: we have completed 11 shows and have our own YouTube channel for the show, Writers Off Task With Friends.

Bigger than him, anyway.

On the super blog front, NO I DIDN’T FORGET. I’ve been busy. It’s still gonna happen. Probably. No, it will, it will. I promise. (Ha) Again, let’s just say it’s on the list. It’s just that the list keeps getting bigger. But as you must know by now, my lists have a way of getting dealt with. That is, when the list gets big enough, I just decide that a lot of shit on the list doesn’t need to get done, and suddenly the list is small again. So the super blog still coming. You’ll be informed when we’re ready, don’t worry.

00 rachael 4
Should have put her in charge. It’d be done by now.

What else?

Oh, the writing challenge for tomorrow should be a lot of fun. Tune in early. Remember, it relates to last week’s challenge.

I think that’s it. I need to start attacking that list! But here’s the thing: when your wife goes out of town for nine days, you – well, if you’re me – you think you’ll bet a lot of writing done. Ha! You won’t get squat done! You’re waking the kid up and making breakfast and going back to wake up the kid and packing her lunch and GODDAMNIT GET DOWN HERE WE’LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL  and eating in the car on the way to school so we aren’t late and trying to do your site words in the car while not killing pedestrians (okay bad idea) and waiting in freaking drop off line (WTF is that all about? Why don’t we have buses? Oh, because I won’t let a stranger drive my kid in a massive vehicle without seats belts, okay) and waiting AGAIN IN PICKUP LINE like just a few hours later WE NEED A BETTER SYSTEM PEOPLE and doing homework (Biscuit rocks) and fixing stubbed toes (Dora BandAids. Best. Thing. Ever. Absolute magic.) and saying yes we can eat pizza again because we miss mommy and no Cheetos aren’t for breakfast (except by day 8 they totally were) and American cheese makes a fine and complete dinner and what do you mean there was homework and mommy does not read stories to you every night (Biscuit sucks) just take your iPad and watch a cartoon and WHY ARE YOU STILL AWAKE GIVE ME THAT IPAD IT’S ALMOST MIDNIGHT and ah, finally time to sit down and write and – gee, it’s late. Maybe tomorrow,

(Falls asleep on couch.)

Nine days.

Nine. Long. Days.

Don’t even get me started on play dates. (Wanna set up a date? My wife’s out of town. I mean a play date for the kids. I was not hitting on you! How does this work? I don’t have phone numbers! Stop looking at me like that!)

Okay, so she’s home, God bless her. Never go away again. (Because I have stuff to do.)

wafles 2.JPG
I also got a haircut and still can’t take a selfie.

Then I went to a writer’s conference in St. Augustine and pulled a freaking calf muscle walking to my car to feed the parking meter. That’s right. Read it again; I’ll wait. La, la, la… Yep, I pulled a muscle walking to my car. I run a mile every day, people! I’m an athlete (kind of). And I’m not that old! I blame the conference. Which, by the way, is currently reviewing my application to join their faculty with a famous (kinda) author friend, to teach a course on ebook marketing at their conferences. Should know soon. (Then we start touring the country. Can you imagine? Coming to your town! Party!) But it’s their fault for having sessions so engrossing I sat so long I pulled a calf muscle. Or maybe it was the waffles and milk shake I had the night before. Which was awesome. We’ll never know.

This exists. And it’s awesome.

So I got a little behind! Not “a little behind” like blingy butt pockets on $125 ladies jeans that make your ass look amazing, “a little behind” as in not keeping up with stuff on the list. Did you even notice I wasn’t keeping up? No. (Well, okay, if you are a critique partner or my editor, you did.)

Okay? Okay. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. GO BRONCOS.

See ya tomorrow for the writing challenge.

7 thoughts on “We Have Some Great Stuff Coming Up For You. Probably.

  1. Dan, thanks for mentioning DESCENT is up for free. There is also a gift for anyone who downloads it. Somewhere in each of the books is a hidden “Easter Egg,” a bold text link to 3 FREE Qwickie novellas by 3 bestselling authors. This is a time limited offer, so happy reading and hunting!

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