Flash Fiction Challenge: Unimpressed Shark!

I don’t know where I first spotted this guy (Allison’s Facebook page, I think), but it was love at first sight.

000 allison mention 1.jpg

That lead to…

00000 unimpressed shark

This may turn out to be our best Flash Fiction Challenge ever.

Write a comment for this shark.

For example, this:

00000 unimpressed shark 2

See? I think this would be hysterical.

You can make a meme picture or just post what the unimpressed shark should say. Either way, I guarantee you’ve had someone or something in your face this week that needs unimpressed shark to take down a peg or two.

00000 unimpressed shark 4.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 5.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 6.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 7.jpg


00000 unimpressed shark 8.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 9.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 10.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 11.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 13.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 14.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 15.jpg

00000 unimpressed shark 16.jpg



(Special thanks to Allison for about half of those)

Have at it.

Here are some examples. Perhaps your shark would say…

  • (TOP) Light travels faster than sound. (BOTTOM) That’s why I thought you were smart until I heard you speak.
  • (TOP) You got a tattoo? (BOTTOM) Yep, you’re a rock star now.
  • I thought I couldn’t be more unimpressed. I was wrong.
  • If you’re happy and you know it… I don’t care.
  • Democrats versus Republicans. Ready, set… waste time!
  • You wrote a book? Has Ellen called yet?
  • Spend $80 a month for husband to have a phone.
    He always leaves it at home

You get the idea. Or, you can just have a one line thought for unimpressed shark:

  • I’m jealous of all the people that haven’t met you.
  • You should leave before somebody drops a house on you.
  • Who are you kidding in those pants?
  • Good morning? No such thing.
  • I could kill you right now. Very easily.
  • That mustache isn’t working on you.
  • Oh, you caught me? BIG DEAL.
  • $12,000 boat, $150 rod and reel, $10 in bait, and a $250 cell phone – for this picture. SO WORTH IT.

Any time you want to say “REALLY?” – that’s an unimpressed shark moment.

Ready, set… MEME!

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12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge: Unimpressed Shark!

  1. O.k. big daddy, you think you can look me in the eye now? Just put me back in the water, I’m just a baby. My taste buds haven’t even formed yet. Make sure you come back and visit again, take a little swim, right around here, say in a year. I will show you my new growth of teeth, and we will get reunited. And by the way, please take off the waterproof watch, and if you have any decency, have a good shower in the morning. I like my meat clean. Looking forward to seeing you again, you are nice and fat, I will like to eat you, with lots of meat on your bones.


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