Flash Fiction Challenge (Kinda)

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. And the most fun. (It’s Monday. We’ll keep it easy.)   Today’s Flash Fiction Challenge: put the title of your latest book or current work in progress (short stories count, Jenny) into this anagram maker and see what it comes up with. Post both in the comments section.Continue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge (Kinda)”

Flash Fiction Challenge: Write An Opening Line

(I totally stole this idea from Chuck Wending. But I’m giving him credit so that makes it okay, right?) Here’s the deal, Flash Fiction Fans! Write an opening sentence. That’s it. Post it below in the comments. One sentence. Grab me, hook me, scare me, detail a scene, whatever you want. Any genre, murder, romance,Continue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Write An Opening Line”

Interview With Author Rachael Ritchey

Author and friend of the blog Rachael Ritchie is an enthusiastic writer who has spared a few moments from her day to sit down with us. It’s her birthday, by the way, so she’s giving readers a special offer. (Be sure to read to the end for that.) Born and raised in Northern Idaho (withContinue reading “Interview With Author Rachael Ritchey”

Robin Leigh Morgan On Changing Genres, a reblog from Kristina Stanley

I’m a big fan of Kristina’s blog and I always enjoy when she has a particularly insightful guest. Recently she had a guest post by Robin Leigh Morgan about the differences encountered when an author changes their writing genre. Robin’s challenges going from nonfiction to fiction were the same as mine, and the idea ofContinue reading “Robin Leigh Morgan On Changing Genres, a reblog from Kristina Stanley”

Agent Query: How To Shift From “Telling” To “Selling”

My friend Molli Nickell, a veteran of the publishing world with over 30 years experience in the big leagues, drops by to impart a few nuggets for those of you pursuing the traditional publishing route, but there is wisdom in her words for indies, too. Writers: your query AND your blurb need to SELL yourContinue reading “Agent Query: How To Shift From “Telling” To “Selling””

Do Not Molest Or Feed Alligators

It’s fun living here. On Facebook messenger, Saturday morning at 10:30AM, to two friends – critique partners: Me: Bet you guys don’t have signs like that at the park by your house! Friend A: Don’t molest alligators?? Some of you Floridians have serious issues. Me: I love that sign. Friend B: Lolololol. You should tweetContinue reading “Do Not Molest Or Feed Alligators”

A Pirate’s Dozen Decrees for Self-Editing

To celebrate the upcoming season of Black Sails (what? You aren’t watching Black Sails???) I asked friend of the blog and editor extraoidinaire Julia Willson stop by to share some helpful insights about editing yourself – and she doesn’t mean holding your tongue at parties! Enjoy these helpful tips! . Before you ask, AYE—pirates write, too.Continue reading “A Pirate’s Dozen Decrees for Self-Editing”

Writers Can Help Themselves Get Lucky

Originally posted on Allison Maruska:
Don’t worry, this post is still approved for general audiences. Though if you’re looking for the more adult definition, this is the interwebs. Just don’t be gone too long, because that might not help your career advancement. Anyway. This post is about writers who make it, the ones who find…