I Might Have Snuck Off Again. Sneaked? Is it snuck or sneaked? Sneaked sounds wrong.

Last time, it was the Keys.

08152015 Keys trip 4 Me
Me, trying to look cool.

Boy, that was nice…


Things NOT to do in the cold weather of the mountains.

Yep, I’m sneaking off again for a little vacation. (Relax, Allison, it’s the Smokey Mountains, not the Rockies. You’re safe. Probably.)

Anyway, I scheduled some really cool stuff to post while I’m gone, in case you wondered why I’m not giving you my latest greatest takes on stuff. Which I will as soon as I get back, promise. And if you REALLY need more from me right now, I’m probably posting on Facebook about the trip. View at your own risk.

But I have not left you un-entertained!

Friday: worry not, the writing challenge is scheduled for Friday as usual.

Saturday: Uh… Do I usually post on Saturdays? No? Okay then. Still won’t.

Sunday: John Winston, author of AI Boss will treat us how he uses  GoodReads as a writer. Good stuff there. Be sure to check it out.

Monday: Lucy Brazier will talk about doing videos. VERY important for your future as an author! Thank God she’s helping us understand it.

Tuesday I’ll probably be back in action. 


Be good!

27 thoughts on “I Might Have Snuck Off Again. Sneaked? Is it snuck or sneaked? Sneaked sounds wrong.

      • Just found this: First recorded in writing toward the end of the 19th century in the United States, snuck has become in recent decades a standard variant past tense and past participle of the verb sneak : Bored by the lecture, he snuck out the side door. Snuck occurs frequently in fiction and in journalistic writing as well as on radio and television: In the darkness the sloop had snuck around the headland, out of firing range.It is not so common in highly formal or belletristic writing, where sneaked is more likely to occur. Snuck is the only spoken past tense and past participle for many younger and middle-aged persons of all educational levels in the U. S. and Canada. Snuck has occasionally been considered nonstandard, but it is so widely used by professional writers and educated speakers that it can no longer be so regarded.

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    • Thanks! Sledding, snow tubing… no skiing this time. My big plan was to run around the Smokies where hey filmed Last Of The Mohicans, but at 32 degrees, we may just stay inside and watch the movie and point out the window. “See that? That happened right over there. somewhere.”


      • I am very familiar with the area! Its gorgeous in the fall and the hiking is great in the summer. Our winter has been non-existent up until this past week so the ski conditions would be terrible. If the weather does limit your outdoor time, I highly recommend venturing into Asheville for food, drink, and or arts.

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        • Asheville is where we are, and Maggie Valley, etc. Gonna see some waterfalls, chase bears, and maybe act like The Last Of The Mohicans. And drink. There will be drinking. Has been drinking, too. And I’m currently drinking.

          The weather is nice! Not too cold (last night excepted;last night was COLD.) And we’ll be catching the Biltmore’s Christmas decorations before we leave.


    • I wouldn’t say I’m missing it… it’s 32 here, what about 16 there? Yeah. Let me get right over there…

      John wrote a really good post. Very helpful, with picture and everything. It’s awesome. He’s the best.

      Oh,I know why there are so many o’s in my typing again! (You didn’t see it but “good” was “gooood” – cos I’m traveling and only using my laptop’s built-in shitty keyboard! (That 1985 stand alone wireless one rocks, BTW. So much faster when I don’t have to retype everything. I might become even more prolific.)

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