3 Quick Tips To Fix Common Dialog Mistakes

A Quick Dialog Exercise Periodically, I take an example from my critique group, change the names of the characters to avoid making the author uncomfortable, and use it as a demonstration of stuff we don’t see ourselves that others might. Here is an example of something I have accidentally done a LOT of, and howContinue reading “3 Quick Tips To Fix Common Dialog Mistakes”

Flash Fiction Challenge: EMBARRASSMENT

This is our last emotion one for a while, and this one is difficult – but not for the reason you think. Making a character vulnerable tends to endear them to the reader. Embarrassing them does that BIG TIME. Empathy works wonders. It’s how I got through grad school. But that’s a different story… EMBARRASSMENT.Continue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: EMBARRASSMENT”

Been interviewed? Post the link!

Have you been interviewed? Post the link! Consider it a chance to show off without showing off – I asked, after all. Meanwhile, if you’ve never been interviewed, read the replies and you’ll see a lot of places to go ask for an interview, and a lot of questions and answers that will help youContinue reading “Been interviewed? Post the link!”

What Book Are You Reading Right Now???

What book are you reading right now? Not what did you buy that you intend open and start reading or what’s on your list. but what, if anything, are you actually started and/or in the middle of? List it here regardless of how embarrassing.   (For me, what I have sitting here waiting to beContinue reading “What Book Are You Reading Right Now???”

From The Paint Bucket Of Emotions: Sadness/Depressed

We’ve talked about writing emotions lately, and here’s a blog post I found (I read a LOT of blogs) from somebody who is sad and depressed/fighting depression. He/she has good days and bad days but I did not reprint the name here only because I don’t know the writer well and I certainly don’t want toContinue reading “From The Paint Bucket Of Emotions: Sadness/Depressed”

Lucy’s Secrets: PorterGirl Lucy Brazier Tells All In This Revealing Interview

(I tried to make that headline sound like The Globe or The National Enquirer, since Lucy is British. Did it work?) Lucy Brazier is a friend of the blog and author of the very popular Secret Diaries of PorterGirl blog and book – soon to be a traditionally published book series. She recently did aContinue reading “Lucy’s Secrets: PorterGirl Lucy Brazier Tells All In This Revealing Interview”

10 Tips For Doing Your (Aaaaauuuugh) Author Interviews

I can hear your collective groans from here. Stop it. As an author, you will occasionally get to do interviews. As the shy, retiring type that most of you writers are, you won’t want to do them. As a marketer, you do want to do them! Interviews raise awareness of your product – the bookContinue reading “10 Tips For Doing Your (Aaaaauuuugh) Author Interviews”