Write Better Stories, Part 1: Painting The Layers Of Your Story

A good story is basically “Somebody wanted something and they had to overcome an obstacle to get it.”   Without that… no story, really.   (The stories that really make readers do flip flops (in a good way) have surprises. The premise “nothing is as it appears” is an awesome storytelling device, and is theContinue reading “Write Better Stories, Part 1: Painting The Layers Of Your Story”

4 Common Sense Reasons it can benefit you to Self-Publish

Originally posted on The PBS Blog:
Twenty years ago, a book followed a routine process: You poured your heart and soul into a manuscript and when you finished it, you started calling agents and editors who most likely told you to send them a query letter. Next step was usually a book proposal, and a…

No Blog Views or Comments? Read this.

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So here I am, scrolling down my WordPress reader feed, sorting through the posts with the tag “Writing”, and then I find a bunch of brilliant writing with zero likes or comments. Seriously, there’s a bunch of talented authors out there who are simply invisible because they don’t know…

I Don’t Wanna Do Book Signings, Do I?

No, you little introvert, you probably don’t. Here are some reasons why you should and a few tips to make it go smoothly, from Frank Allan Rodgers by way of friend of the blog Kelly Abell: https://writewithkelly.wordpress.com/2015/12/27/ideas-for-successful-book-signings/ Frank has lots of great ideas, and so does Kelly, so you can learn a lot from them!Continue reading “I Don’t Wanna Do Book Signings, Do I?”

More Good Stuff About Building A Mailing list

No, I haven’t started building my (new) mailing list yet. Remember Al’s post? It had a lot of good information in it and so does this one, and I’m at the “working on what my giveaway should be” phase. But meanwhile, add to your list of good ideas via the post from Nosegraze. I ChallengeContinue reading “More Good Stuff About Building A Mailing list”

Christmas Flash Fiction Challenge!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is your present, from me to you! It occurred to me that you will have some down time this week. Not today, necessarily, but in a few days. At which time you’ll check in and see we had a writing challenge that could brighten your writing day. And here it is. ForContinue reading “Christmas Flash Fiction Challenge!”

Procrastination Station: Seven Rando Factoids

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So I have some stuff I need to get out of my head and write about, but I’m procrastinating, because it’s kind of painful and therefore feels like work.  Which I have no interest in starting, contemplating, or completing today.  BECAUSE WEEKEND. Plus, I’m really, really good at…

Holiday Memories: Christmas 2012

It’s almost here! Enjoy one more Christmas memory from years gone by. Share one of your funny memories with us! -Dan   I saw in a magazine these little reindeer cork ornaments, where the legs and neck were little sticks that you could just pick up in your yard – twigs, really – and theContinue reading “Holiday Memories: Christmas 2012”