“Super Blog” and NYT-BSA interested parties SO FAR


Updated 11/18/2015 5pm EST

Super Blog” and NYT-BSA interested partiesa super blog 4

  • (Unless told otherwise, I’ll assume each group is interested in doing both)
  • Also, if I listed you and you are not interested, hey, just tell me.


NYTBSA interested parties (from that post)  Updated 11/18/2015 5pm EST

Dan Alatorre

J S Maples

EDC Writing

L C Rooney

Tess M Garfield

Emily F Russell

Rachel Barros

J A Allen

Karen Payton Holt

CJ Andrews

Patrick Jones

R Todd

DG Kaye

Curtis Bausse

Amarie Silver

T A Henry


Super Blog interested parties (from that postUpdated 11/18/2015 5pm EST

Dan Alatorre

D G Kaye

Kathleen Townsend

T A Henry

Satin Sheet Diva

Rachael Ritchey

L C Rooney

Eric Klingenberg

Fridge Magnet

Cathleen Townsend

Porter Girl

Allison Maruska

JA Allen

Emily F Russell

CJ Andrews

Alysia Hamner

Amarie Silver



Wait, there’s more than twelve!

Yeah. When we decide to roll it out, a lot of people will not want to write to the assigned genre (if we go that way) or will have time commitments that just don’t allow it. Later, some will fall out because, well, things happen. So we probably need twice as many people as we intend to use. Doesn’t mean we won’t add ‘em in later or start a second spinoff group for a different genre!

There are also a few authors not shown that I want to invite, like a New York Times Bestselling author who lives in south Tampa, and a kinda famous writer friend in the Orlando/Clermont area, and some other people who might bring some clout and buzz to this project, as well as a few terrific not-yet-published writers I have read who should just be in this. I’ll list them as they agree to work on this with us and hopefully they say yes. Hint, hint, ladies and gentlemen!)

26 thoughts on ““Super Blog” and NYT-BSA interested parties SO FAR

  1. I somehow missed the superblog thing, but that sounds interesting too. (It has the word ‘super’ on it. How couldn’t it?) Lemme take a look at it when I have a little more time–I promise I’d try sooper dooper hard not to spew profanity.

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  2. Well, that anthology idea is one that’s been rumbling in the back of my mind for a while, so I’m delighted to see you’ve got it out in the big wide world – well done! If you’re still looking for contributors, I’d be keen, glad and ready to participate (though some genres would flummox me, I’m sure).

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  3. This would be ‘super’ cool to be a part of. Let me work on that whole ‘author’ thing, and I wouldn’t mind throwing my hat into that arena if it were still available.


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