I Lost My Dragon

This is NOT my dragon.
This is NOT my dragon.

OK so I’m writing this fantasy story, right? And it’s cruising along, I’m doing great; everything is going great. It’s really flowing.

(Recently we discussed ways to be extra productive HERE)

And I had – very early on – I thought: what’s a fantasy? You want to have a castle and a prince and a knight in shining armor… a witch and a sorcerer…

And I thought, oh! Maybe a dragon!

So, time goes by and I’m 60,000 words into it now. I have the romance angle for the story and I have all these great plot twists, and I mentioned to my Critique Partner (yes, it was Allison) that when they go to burn the witch at the stake, she’s going to turn into a dragon and fly way.

Great right? Plot twist! Who’d see that coming?

Also not my dragon
Also not my dragon

I even set it up with a talk about The Inquisition and how they used to burn witches and sorcerers at the stake but that it was BS, that they really just burned dissidents at the stake and uppity folks; heretics and women who could read. Heck, they pretty much burned anybody at the stake. If they were bored on a Friday night, they’d be like, “Hey, yonder cometh Silas; friend, who can we burn?” And Silas was all like, “Ye know what? Nathan hath been bugging me lately…”

It’s how they rolled.

STILL not my dragon
STILL not my dragon

So I thought great, we will have a scene where a witch goes to get burned at the stake and instead she conjures up a magic spell and turns into a dragon and flies away.

Now, I am all set. Plotter. I got my Dragon subplot. I got everything.

I mention this to my critique partner who says, “Well you may lose some people there, with that turning into a dragon thing.” (Again, it was Allison. There’s a dragon in her story – that new Drake And The Fliers thing. She gets to keep her dragon, but I don’t get to keep mine.)

But she is a trusted CP so when she said having people suddenly turn into dragons was not consistent with the world I’d created in my story, I thought: Hmm…

So I mentioned the idea to my wife. “At the last second, as the witch is getting burned at the stake, she turns into a dragon and torches her torchers!”

I could TOTALLY see the scene in my head!
I could TOTALLY see the scene in my head!


My wife scrunched up her nose – you know, she gave me that look, the wife look.

And I thought: Hmm…

So… maybe nobody turns into a dragon in my story.


And then what?

And then nothing, because I was gonna have this whole part where they chase the dragon and hunt it down… and now I don’t have a dragon. I was gonna have like 30,000 more words in the story, but now that it’s dragon-free, it’s…. it’s…

It’s almost finished.

Because there’s no goddamn Dragon.

THIS is my dragon. and my soul
THIS is my dragon.
and my soul

Oh, and in deference to Emily, there’s no ball with frilly dresses, either!

(Well, there is, but it gets messed up, and, well, I don’t want to give too much away, but they probably burn somebody at the stake over it.)

So, no dance, no Dragon, no extra 30,000 words in my story.

And like I said, that means it’s basically almost finished. Which means if I was smart I would jump on that horse and ride and finish the story.

Your humble host.
Your humble host.

So I won’t be around that much this week because I’m gonna jump on that horse and ride and finish the story!

Wish me luck.

Actually, wish me a dragon. I really liked the Dragon part.

49 thoughts on “I Lost My Dragon

  1. LOL. Sorry about being the Dragon Nazi. But for the record, I want to point out that I made the suggestion but your wife’s wifey look was the final call. Just so people don’t think I like to kill fun ideas and leave my friends with vacant souls.

    And I certainly hope my kids wouldn’t want to burn each other at the stake, but who am I kidding?

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  2. Like the commenter said above, maybe you can fix it with foreshadowing? You seem so bummed about losing the dragon part lol Good luck with the story 🙂 Hope it works out for you!

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    • Oh, we had a BIG conversation about that maybe a year or so ago. I wrote a story about college kids who discover a time machine and they use it to explore a few things and all kinds of bad stuff happens and they end up on the lam from the cops. Somewhere along the line I had them do something that wasn’t consistent with the world I’d created, like one of them getting apprehended in Chick Fil A at just the right time or something. The CP was like, you can’t do that! And I was like, wait, COLLEGE KIDS CAN DISCOVER A TIME MACHINE AND GO FLYING AROUND BUT THEY CAN’T GET BUSTED AT CHICK FIL A??? (whatever the other thing was. It may have been a paranormal story and the hero got saved at the last second or something.). And the CP was like, Nope. That’s not how you built that world.

      But she was right.

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  3. Well, the way I see it is if you include the dragon? How did she get caught and tied up and actually get to the part where they are burning her? I would ask that question. Why couldn’t she just turn into a dragon right after she gets caught and fly away and avoid the burning altogether? Perhaps if she turned into a dragon at the time she was caught and flew to the town and burned it to the ground, you could have your dragon chase.

    Dragons are awesome, and we want them to have existed. I love stories with dragons in them if they are done well. I think it would be cool to have her turn into a dragon.

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  4. I guess the best way to say it without revealing too much of the story we ARE keeping is to say she didn’t reveal herself earlier because she intended to take over and needed her abilities to stay secret, and once she was found out and about to be executed, she summoned her powers in a much larger way than she had before.


  5. I can let you have(free of charge-no catches-no references required- I trust you)my annoyingly self-assured fellow who does the right thing for the wrong reason at the wrong time and in the wrong place, who could be looking for a dragon, which might add an air of mystery and be of some use in the next part?

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