Your humble host.
Your humble host.

UPDATE 10/23/2015 at 4:00pm EST: HAIKUS DON’T HAVE TO RHYME.

Oh, this is gonna be GOOD.

And short. So the deadline is SHORTER


Haiku Edition

What is a haiku and why do we want to write one?

To stretch some new writer muscles of course! And because it’ll be fun. Probably. Or at least funny. And since we’re all gonna play, it should be a kick.

So first things first: what the heck is a haiku?

The Japanese invented it, according to Wiki, sometime before they got into the automotive and electronics business. It’s a “poem”  (apparently a non-rhyming one) done in a specific pattern of syllables. Don’t ask me why.

Wiki wouldn't lie, would it?
Wiki wouldn’t lie, would it?

17 total syllables in the haiku, done in three lines, 5-7-5 format:

  • five syllables in the first line
  • seven syllables in the second line
  • and five syllables again, in the last line.

Simple, right? And since it’s a poem, it needs to rhyme.

EXAMPLE 1: provided by my friend Allison, who used to teach poetry! I did not know that! She knocked this out in like ten seconds.


Red wine in my glass

Shimmering under the lights

You get me wasted


Is that cool or what? Ten seconds!


(I gave her a random topic of shoes)

White and blue sneakers

Inappropriate for work

Wear them anyway



(To stump her, I gave her a word that’s hard to rhyme: oranges)

Juicy in segments

Tropical citrus delight

Burns my papercut


Okay, they can’t all be winners.


Now, what are we writing this haiku about? Aha, that’s the even more fun part. I don’t know.

You’ll use a random topic generator to decide what your haiku is about.

It should give us some very interesting stuff!

Only click it once!
Only click it once!



CLICK HERE for your random topic.



Here are THE RULES

  1. Go to the random topic generator, select it one time, and you HAVE to write a haiku about that. No cheating.
  2. Post your haiku on your blog.
  3. Tell your readers what your random topic was so they don’t think you’re having a stroke.
  4. Reference us on your blog, further clarifying to your readers that you are definitely not having a stroke.
  5. Post a link to your haiku in the comments section.
  6. Brag to friends at parties about how versatile a writer you are.
  7. You have 48 hours from when you read this! LIKE the post so I know you read it and that will start the clock, so to speak. There’s not really a clock. Or a deadline, Jenny.
  8. Extra points if you do it drunk






Your humble host.
Your humble host.

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Dan Alatorre is the author of several bestsellers and the hilarious upcoming novel “Poggibonsi: an italian misadventure.” Click HERE to check out his other works.

39 thoughts on “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE with a twist!

  1. […] Dan Alatorre issued a challenge to write a Haiku, a 5-7-5 “syllable” (syllable is the closest we can get to the actual definition) scheme. He provided a link to a random topic generator and we have to write a Haiku on whichever topic appears first (no constantly clicking the button until a “sensible” topic comes up!). […]

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  2. You want me to write/A haiku for this challenge/Dude, that’s so easy. (and yes, I just popped that out in like.. yeah.. I didn’t count, but less than 30 seconds (side note, I write A LOT of haiku.. so, it’s kind of cheating for me))

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  3. Here’s my entry. http://bit.ly/1XwTCNr

    Oh, and don’t take anything I say that might seem like boasting or bragging seriously.. you have no idea how many times I hit the delete button because I think I sound pompous, arrogant, rude, or… to the point where I just write something down and hit enter… walk away and think, “Well, that was a bit prideful…”

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