What’s In It For YOU? (A Lot)

Not me but you get the idea.
Not me but you get the idea.

I had this idea and when I bounced it off my author friend (okay, it was Allison), she thought it was decent, and usually ANY positive affirmation is all I need to forge ahead with something – often not even that… so…



Okay, try to stay awake. This is all about YOU. Mostly.

I need to help 100 of you become successful and famous so I’ll have 100 people trying to make me famous. Rich, too, if we can swing that. I need a yacht.

There are seven days in a week and I have been hogging them all.

Also not me but this is how busy I am. Probably.
Also not me but this is how busy I am. Probably.

Which is fine, frankly. It’s my damn blog. But I often talk about helping YOU guys, and although I do it a lot, I can do more.

I was thinking of continuing to post my regular, helpful, amusing as hell author-oriented posts on Sundays and Mondays. Unlike a lot of other blogs, I don’t recycle/rehash old posts very often (and maybe I should – there’s some great stuff in the archives).

My most popular posts have been “how-to” stuff, and as long as I keep reading work from new authors there will be no shortage of that for twice a week. So that is what I will focus on: Helping Writers Writer Better Written Stuff.

Not that relaxed.
Not that relaxed.

Maybe Fridays could become something relaxed, like interviews with other authors (you), highlighting their interests and things they struggled with that we all struggle with. An author profile, so to speak. We’ve done a few of those, and they’re fun. Good for a Friday. I’d send you a set of interview questions, you’d answer them, I’d ask some follow up stuff, and we’d run it with some pictures. Try to be interesting if you can. If you’ve read any interviews I’ve done, readers enjoy the humor, but they equally LOVE the parts where you tell about your struggle or ways you work through typical author problems. Just be yourself.

I read a lot of blogs
I read a lot of blogs

On Wednesdays and Saturdays I would do a selected reblog of something I read and liked during the week. Again, something helpful and authorey, from anywhere on the interwebs, but I’d love to feature stuff from any of the hundreds and hundreds of my amazing followers/subscribers’ blogs. Worst case, I take one of my old blog posts that was popular and rerun it.

If you’re scoring along at home, that leaves Tuesday and Thursday.

Drum roll, please…

We like your stuff!
We like your stuff!

I think Tuesdays and Thursdays would be great to have a GUEST BLOGGER. Again, that would be one of you, my dear readers. Not a “buy my book post,” but since a LOT of you have really great blogs and have encountered your own bits of knowledge along the way, I’d love for you to share them here. This would be a post you write specifically for my readership, so you’d send it to me first to ensure you aren’t secretly posting plans to overthrow the government or Facebook or something.

Overall we’d increase content here to seven days a week (it was, like, five before), but we’d be casting a wider net and reaching more people and talking about more topics – that helps you!

We’d be featuring you in interviews and profiles and guest blogs – that helps you!

You’d like and share and Tweet and post on Facebook and reblog, which gives your site more content and exposure – because every day, I tweet about what’s happening on my blog to over 13,000 Twitter followers – which helps you!

What do you think?

This idea is borderline brillaint, Dan!
This idea is borderline brillaint, Dan!

I think this idea rocks.

It’ll give lots of exposure to lots of people and generate more followers and fans for both of us. That helps me and you!

So? How do we join this fabulous new venture?

Glad you asked.

And yes, I mean YOU. I want ALL of you do help or this will fall flat on its face.


Here’s the list of what we’ll be running:

  • SUNDAY – Dan will post a new, author-oriented “how to” post. Or something.
  • MONDAY – Dan will again post a new, author-oriented “how to” post.
  • WEDNESDAY – I’ll select a reblog from the internet*
  • FRIDAY – author interviews and profiles of YOU GUYS
  • SATURDAY – I’ll select a reblog from the internet again* or one of my old classic ones

Asterisk * that can be one from you guys, too


CLICK HERE for the preliminary interview questions.


Here’s how you send the content:

If you click the CONTACT ME button, it’ll come right to me. Write your information in there. If you have my email, you can email me. You can also post below and tell me what an awesome ideas this is. You should be a subscriber of this blog or it won’t be so good for your application, okay? Just saying. I’ll be helping people who play ball first.

You can also share this post with your friends who are good bloggers and authors who you think need some exposure.

So? Does this idea rock? (I have no issue opening this up to the whole wide world, but for now let’s keep it limited to my loyal subscribers. You guys are helping me; I wanna help you)

Can you think of other ways we can highlight you guys and your wonderful content here?


Let me know, comment below!

27 thoughts on “What’s In It For YOU? (A Lot)

  1. Sounds like a great idea, Dan, something I have thought about doing myself, but so far chickened out! To be fair, I’m not clever with all this stuff, but you seem to be, so should be good for all concerned.
    I think I have subscribed, so here’s my email, jenanita01@btinternet.com
    I would love to be involved (and that goes for Jaye too!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 4300 miles from my house to Florida, so yes, that’s quite a long way. The question is, who uses the correct spelling of tyres/tires?

    My books must be rammed full of typos in the US. Maybe that’s why I haven’t managed to bribe anybody to put a review on Amazon.com yet!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reblogged this on Tess M Garfield and commented:
    I had to share this classic. I went out today, and while I was gone, my daughter had a conversation with her Dad about where I had gone. Her explanation was so funny that you couldn’t make it up.

    “I think Mummy’s gone to Florida because I saw her checking how far away it was on Google yesterday.”

    My husband didn’t believe her.

    “Really, I saw it, 4300 miles from here to Florida.”

    I should be more careful what I search for in future!

    Anyway, note my comments at the bottom of Dan’s blog post, then you’ll understand the confusion!

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  4. Lol as always here Dan. Where on earth do you find the time to blog everyday, read comments and write books? Perhaps I’m following too many blogs that I have to read and comment on? Don’t worry, I’m not unsubscribing, lol. Oh, and hey I’d love to do an author interview with you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Believe it or not, the comments are the hardest part, because I want them to be good.

      Blog ideas come at me all day long, so that’s easy, and writing the books is easy because I get up early to do it (not this week because I have a cold but most of the time), but I usually get the blog comments when I’m tired and it’s difficult to be witty then! I figure, the comments are much more personal to the actual person commenting, so I really want them to be good. Witty, snappy, relevant… and if it’s not, I feel like I let them down.

      We definitely need to do an author interview!

      Liked by 1 person

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