777 Challenge! Tag, I’m it! And You’re NEXT

2012 b2I have seen a few of these 777 Challenges and they’re kinda cute. I guess it was only a matter of time before I got tagged, and Christa Wojciechowski via her blog “My Sweet Delirium” did the tagging. Her bio says, in part “I was born in New Jersey and raised in Florida where I raved in clubs, tamed lions, chased hurricanes…”

Folks, if a person who tamed lions tags you, you respond. Her newest book is SICK: A Novella. It’s available for preorder on Amazon and will be released on October 1st.

RULE: The taggee must go to the seventh page, to the seventh line, and share the next seven sentences of their latest WIP or new book, etc. Then tag seven other authors to do the same.

I love these challenges because nothing points out your weaknesses as a writer more than isolating a small passage from your book. After reading these seven lines I can see where I might want to tighten up my prose, and that’s going to keep me wary while I work to get the final copy done with my editor.

This excerpt is from The Water Castle, a fantasy romance. It will be available around Christmas this year.


Men in their striped Long John bathing suits went down the rickety staircase to the crystal clear water. Women practically wore dresses. The tower looked the same in 1920 as it did now, almost like a lighthouse – but it was too far inland to be useful as one. Any ship that could make its way through Tampa Bay and up the Hillsborough River wouldn’t need a lighthouse by the time it got to the spring.

It was an oddity, but for a four-year-old girl with an active imagination and a father who wasn’t too far behind, anything was possible.

 If she had been awake.

 Clad in her plastic armor, snuggled in her car seat, the little princess slumbered.


Now it’s my turn. I’m going to tag some new followers of my blog (its official name is “DAN ALATORRE – AUTHOR – helpful writer ramblings from a disturbed mind just like yours”) and a few veterans so you all can get to know them. Each of these writers is highly creative and unique. You’ll definitely find some interesting reading here!


  1. Bestselling author Allison Maruska (The Fourth Descendant) of her self-titled blog Allison Maruska

This little adventure started in March, 2012 as a humor blog. I fell in love with writing and tried my hand at fiction…

  1. The up and coming bestselling-author-to-be Jenny Allen of Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins (one day I will ask if that’s a take off of Dances With Wolves)

JA Allen is a blogger and the author of Old Souls, a contemporary fantasy following diagnosed schizophrenic Lucien Navarro.

  1. Amazing author who opened my eyes to romance (stories) and editor of my new book, CJ Andrews

I don’t know about other writers; but for me, staying creative and productive is a delicate balancing act.

  1. The always funny and for some reason often irritated Emily Russell of “Piss, Coffee, and Vinegar”

I have a small burrow-room in which I crouch over a computer, brush increasingly greasy strands of hair from my face, and subsist on whatever nutritive substances happen to be at hand.

  1. Fabulous Fare Sisters’ Linda, who is working on her books and who creates stuff like BUTTERSCOTCH & CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES and then photographs it so you have to make them right now! Look:
Look... at... that!!!
Look… at… that!!!
  1. Porter Girl, who I find simply mesmerizing and I don’t know why but it’s not just her writing. Her video is A-Maz-Ing. Her blog is Secret Diary of A Porter Girl.

Welcome to Old College. Come in, take a look around, make yourself at home. And if anyone can work out what on earth is going on here, please do let me know…

  1. Author and blogger Kristina Stanley, who is still celebrating her two-book publishing contract with Imajin Books for DESCENT and BLAZE.

The life of a mystery writer is full of twists and turns. Some good. Some not.

13 thoughts on “777 Challenge! Tag, I’m it! And You’re NEXT

  1. I love this, Dan! I grew up in the Tampa Bay area, so your passage made me very nostalgic. My grandmother and aunt still live in St. Pete and I go there a few times a year. Thanks so much for participating. I’m looking forward to seeing the excerpts from the writers you tagged.

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