What Should I Blog About To Build A Platform And Sell Books And….. 3 Things to Consider

Dear Dan, So, I feel like the blog is not really working as it goes now. I don’t know if I’m a natural blogger. I like your blogs, they’re funny. Maybe it just doesn’t come as natural to me. Signed, New Author Dear New Author: It is your blog; you are 100% behind whatever comes outContinue reading “What Should I Blog About To Build A Platform And Sell Books And….. 3 Things to Consider”

Taking Criticism

Originally posted on J. A. Allen:
I have always been a fiercely self-conscious person. When I was a teenager I wore baggy clothes, thinking that if I camouflaged my body I wouldn’t get looked at. As a young mom, I often worried what “older” mommacitas thought of me. I kept a spotless house and agonized over every detail of raising my babies. Now, I’m…

What’s The Role of a BETA READER?

If I do my job properly as a writer, I have put together what in my head is a relatively cohesive, interesting story.* That’s it. In a nutshell, that’s my job. The role of a BETA READER is to: read the finished manuscript (book, story, whatever) before it is released to the general public andContinue reading “What’s The Role of a BETA READER?”

We Write Every Chapter, Good And Bad.

I knew a person who was about 55 years old 10 years ago, and she worried that she might lose her job. There were massive cutbacks at her company; all sorts of people were leaving. It was a scary time. Her family needed her to be working. They relied in her income. Her main concernContinue reading “We Write Every Chapter, Good And Bad.”

Turns Out, NONE of Us Can Multitask

Multitasking is a farce. Tests have shown that it decreases productivity and each task at hand is diminished. Pretty girls are SUPPOSED to cause guys to wreck their bicycles. I mean, c’mon – pretty girl, you know? I have been on the other, near-tragic side of such an event. I live I Florida so weContinue reading “Turns Out, NONE of Us Can Multitask”

Oh, YEAH? What Do YOU Know?

How do you know whose opinion to take about your writing? I have many critique partners. Some of them, I use all of their advice; others, I use almost none of it. (We recently discussed critique groups HERE) How do you decide – whether you’re looking at 10 different opinions or five or two –Continue reading “Oh, YEAH? What Do YOU Know?”

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

I get story ideas everywhere, all the time. Doesn’t everyone? Don’t all writers? Please tell me I’m not an oddball! (Recently we discussed Successful Authors and how ofen they admit they don’t know what they’re dong, HERE.) I get ‘em all the time. Ideas… If they are interesting enough, I do a quick talk-to-text andContinue reading “Where Do You Get Your Ideas?”