I’m So Lazy: Instagram 101 For Twitter Addicts

I'm too busy for all this social media!
I’m too busy for all this social media!

What I do with Instagram is completely lazy and I absolutely don’t recommend it. Stop reading here if you’re a big Instagram person. You’ll be appalled by my lethargy.

I take the highest rated tweet from the day before (tweets are from Twitter, for the unSM-ed of you out there; SM  = Social Media) and send it to insta, plus whatever interesting pictures happen to occur in front of me on occasion.

(BTW = by the way. Am I going too fast?)

That’s it.

I said it was lazy.

Me, when it comes to learning new social media. Ask Allison. I'm a dinosaur.
Me, when it comes to learning new social media. Ask Allison. I’m a dinosaur.

It takes about 60 seconds a day. I post pictures on insta (I’m not capitalizing it and I’m not spelling out INSTAGRAM every freaking time; I’m lazy) just for the heck of it, to show followers I’m not a robot (like anybody could follow me for more than 10 minutes and still think that).

We saw dolphins in the Keys. Click with the phone, 60 seconds later it’s on Twitter and FB and insta – what could be easier? (And faster, because my wife was tapping her toe the whole time. Are you on your phone again???)

Hopefully, it’s different pics on each social media site, but with something human interest-y like that, it may not matter. So if you follow me on Twitter you’re getting slightly different stuff than if you also follow me on FB, but if you ONLY follow me on one, you’re seeing interesting stuff from me. And there are people who only use one type of social media. Honest.

Come on, tell me that isn't awesome.
Come on, tell me that isn’t awesome. Totally Insta-worthy.

Right now, Instagram is SO EASY to use, it’s hard not to do it all the time. But I think I only follow maybe 200 people over there and have around 100 followers me; I don’t do a lot of insta and I want it to grow like my FB author page – organically from readers who don’t want tons of variation in the content. On my FB author site, you’ll get whatever posts on this blog, and not much else – until I have a book or interview coming out. Fans will know to go there for it, so I don’t inundate blog readers with too many ads. (Oh, you’ll get some, don’t worry.) I created so many different sites (Savvy Stories, The Navigators, Laguna The Lonely Mermaid, 35 Great Recipes, the marketing series site) that I may have over diversified my audience, but I thought my cookbook readers wanted different things from me than my romance readers, so I stand by my decision. Kinda.

Here’s the nitty gritty. (That means something different here in the States, Jenny)

This kind of stuff.
This kind of stuff.

Each morning I see what my top rated tweet was from the day before – highest RTs, favorites, etc. That’s on your stats page. (If you don’t know how to access that, tell me below in a comment. If enough of you need help, I’ll blog about it.)

Then I copy-paste the tweet information WITH THE HASHTAGS and put it in an email to my cell phone. Then I attach the image (insta uses images), usually an inspirational quote, and send it.

From the phone, I save the image and copy the verbiage, then post it in Instagram. This way, insta followers are only getting the best, really motivational, really popular quotes and a short message from me (and my blog link); they can click over and follow the read the blog from there if they want.

Then, like I said, I post pictures occasionally, to show I’m not a robot.

Also awesome - and caused the "BlackFish" crowd to go bananas, which skyrocketd my Twitter feed. Oops. Bwahahaha!
Also awesome – and caused the “BlackFish” crowd to go bananas, which skyrocketd my Twitter feed. Oops. Bwahahaha!

It reads like a lot of steps. It isn’t. It’s actually a little lazy (I said it was!), but it gives me a simple presence. I hate the thought of somebody being only on a certain social media venue and them not being able to find me – almost as much as I hate the idea of being a slave to 50 SM’s.

This method is designed to be FAST and EASY for me while delivering WORTHWHILE content to mainly insta-only followers. That’s a good deal. And they get something every day, pretty much, plus some exclusive stuff on occasion. That shows the the personal side of you, always interesting to fans.

My current target market is largely on Facebook and Twitter, respectively (my demographic for the Savvy Stories book series, for example, was women 35-55 with children), and my upcoming YA book won’t reach a YA audience that way, so we’ll switch gears around that time. More insta and SnapChat for that group. Or, I’m OCD and it’ll be my next obsession. And if I was smart, I’d start building that platform well in advance of needing it. (I’ll have to ask my nieces where all the cool kids hang out over there.)

Okay, if you want me to follow you on Instagram, REPLY BELOW with your insta handle. I’ll try to follow everybody this weekend.


What’s YOUR method for using Instagram or your favorite social media?

8 thoughts on “I’m So Lazy: Instagram 101 For Twitter Addicts

  1. Love your ‘relaxed’ (polite word for lazy) attitude with posting Dan, lol. Yes, find me on Instagram, and give me a shake. I’ve been quite neglectful there lately. I try to stay away from my phone during the day when working, thus I sometimes neglect Instagram, where I just joined only about 2 months ago. I think I’m DGKaye there, lol. Look me up, we’ll do coffee! 🙂

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